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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Bakedfosho, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Ok, here's the deal: My friend and I have tried growing before and we had a little progress but we gave up due to lack of motivation. We've had a calling now and we think we are going to start again. Our first couple of plants were grown indoor in a cabinet ingenuisly lined with weather stripping (too decrease the smell and light escaping). Now we think it would be a good idea to grow outdoors, where the plants will have a lower dependency on us. We live in a rural area and there are a couple of places that I think would be suitable. One of the places is behind a recently suspected abandoned building in an area about 50' squared densely populated by plants surrounded by 7' high concrete walls. The other would be a couple blocks away down by a big river. There are public trails but we'd be able to hide plants away from the trail. I also know of several places where catnip grows if that helps at all. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. We would be starting as soon as possble to not kill the plants.
  2. grow it in all them places, because who knows someone might snag one of your plants and then your gonna wish ya listened to me. Don't put too many plants together, keep everything spread out.
  3. If you could only plant in one area I would say the spot by the rive because if it doesent rain for awhile you could water the plants yourself easly, and the soil by a river is probolly better to plant in.
  4. Well, I am probably going to take overgrowray's advice and plant in both, that was the original plan. The river would most likely be the best place because of seclusion and good growing grounds. So that'll be the primary area and behind the building will be basically a test because a lot of people go near that area. I was asking people if they think one would be better, so thank you for your input.

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