Outdoor growing question -- Year round harvests

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  1. This may be an insanely silly question but I wanna know.

    Can you harvest cannabis year round outdoors? Maybe planting a crop in April/May And then harvesting and immediately planting a new crop? If not, add new baby plants all along the lifespan of the ones planted in April/May? I live in southern California so we don't really have frost if that makes a difference.

  2. It is possible as long as the temps outside stay within the plants tolerances. You might want to veg them inside for a few weeks though before putting them outside in the winter. Seeing as how they will start to flower once they go outside.
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    Good advice. That's because a baby sprout would die outside in the cold right?

    +rep by the way, man.
  4. That, and the plant itself would be too underdeveloped to start the flower process.

    You could use CFLs to veg inside for a couple of weeks. Put it in the window during the day and under a light at night. Run the lighting at 24/0 for about 2-3 weeks and she should be ready to go. Maybe even sooner!

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