OUTDOOR growing question! Please help!

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    After germination, is it better to let the sprouts/seedlings grow indoors for a little, or just put the germinated seeds straight into the ground outdoors?

    If you believe it is better indoors, can u please explain what i should do if i plan on later putting it outdoors? (ex: how much light, how many hours of light)

    If you believe it is better outdoors, please explain what i should do immediately after germination.. (ex: just put it into soil, or put it into cup for a lil--then soil)

    Thank you!
  2. I put mine into the sun as soon as they sprout. But on my roof it is frost free with no herbivores.
  3. Yea - but a roof top isn't out in the woods or a field. :) Let your plants get at least 6" tall in a 4" pot or whatever size you are using before moving to the outside plot. This gives them a fighting chance. You don't have to keep them inside - you can put them on the back porch where there is full light all day and they should be fine for the first 6 inches of growth.

    I have in the past planted seeds directly into prepared ground and just left them there - checking back after a month to fert. While this method works I dont recomend it. I lost to many and had to replant.
  4. imo i would take the time to sex the plants unless they are fems

    24 hours until 4th node
    12/12 obv
    once they show, you can start to introduce them to sunlight slowly (acclimate)
  5. I somehow think that is the point I was making.

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