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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Yawnkers, May 24, 2013.

  1. hey guys , i am new to this.
    I just now, inserted my feminised purple kush autoflowering seed in a cup filled with room temp water
    (distilled). I was wondering if this method would drown my seed... the seed is in total darkness AND in a warm area. 
    How much time is it gonna take for the seed to have its roots pop out??? The seed looks healthy and isnt rock hard...
    It would be nice if i can get a quick tutorial by someone who knows what he is doing, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. about a few days, if it doesnt put it in a moist paper towel in a dark place, once the roots pop out put it in your pot with the roots facing down my friend
  3. I soak for 24 hours in a shot glass of water then after that I give them a light tap and if they sink they then go in between a damp paper towel until the little tap root pokes out a millimeter or two.
     Good news, the tap root just popped out,( not by much , i only see a little white popping out )...Should i take it out of the water? If i do , ill put it in damp paper towels so it doesnt dry out when i transport it to my cottage 
  5. I soak seeds til they sink which means they outer shell cracked open, then plant directly into soil. 16oz cups filled to the top will last u about 3 weeks before u transplant to bigger pots.

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