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  1. i need the absolute basics for outdoor. i know how to do indoor pretty well, but i have to switch my shit up. i dont know what you need to do differently for outdoors and i find it a bit confusing trying to learn this as well. so i could use a manual if anyones got the time lol, and one thats easy to understand i was reading some on the forums and didnt get it:smoking:
    so plz help me out
  2. figure a way to keep critters away , and the ground moist.

    If you live in a sunny place , you will be amazed at the growth rate outdoors.

    This is all IMO

    after all its only my first time;)
  3. Water it and watch it grow... Thats is all i had to do :)
  4. Plant as soon as the frost has gone (you can germinate indoors under a CFL and take seedlings to your plot).
    Harvest when the trichomes are to your liking.
  5. oh really? damn i thot u still needed nutes and shit and that regular soil didnt work
  6. Plant in some quality potting soil (just look around for recommendations... Pro-mix, etc...)

    Lots of sunlight... Lots of safety...

    Fertilize every other week...

    Water when the first two inches of top soil aren't damp (maybe once a week???)

    Don't over water/fertilize...

    Fertilize in the veg state with something with higher Nitrogen concentrations...

    Fertilize in the flower state with something with lower Nitrogen concentrations and High Phosphorous and Potassium concentrations...

    Harvest when the trichomes are 1:1 cloudy to amber... or at the grower's desired trichome ratio...

    That is a very brief summary...

    Look Here...http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/73015-grandpas-grow-guide.html
  7. ok thats great thx
    so there are cloudy trichomes and amber ones? what kind of effects does a different ratio have? dif highs better quality?
  8. Trichomes go clear > cloudy > amber. I have a little pocket microscope that I bought online for a few Euros. I chop my ladies when the trichomes are about one third amber. I find that gives a combination of cerebral and couchlock high.
  9. ohh nice
    i guess ill just experiment when harvest time comes
    will something happen if u wait too long to harvest b/c u want more amber trichs

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