Outdoor Growing my first time

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dfrager, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. Ive interested in growing for awhile now ! And I have a some good outdoor farmland to do it in as well..... Now I was talking to my local dealer about clones and he was tellin me 5 bucks a pop and its best if I buy like 10 just in case some turn out to be males ! Now I was wondering if it would be better for me just to get some seeds and then do it from scratch, I live in ontario and I was wondering if anyone knows of any stores or even any good internet sites which would sell seeds to Canada Ont. So here we go .... If I grew outdoors like would I have to check up on the plants everyday to water them ? I was talking to my buddy who is going to do it with me and we were thinking of making some type of sprinkler system we would only have to go out maby once a week to refill and water our Herbs ! Cuz you dont want to be making anything heat by walking threw the forest everyday ! but what I was thinking of was also to dig a nice sized hole and fill it with a compost mixture I would throw together by getting ingrediants off this site, and then plant my herbs ! My local dealer was also saying though if your going to plant far from your house you might as well grow 10 plants instead of 3 which I was originally planning on doing ! Ive seen my friend grow in his backyard and his plants were fucking enourmous, and he tried to shout off the idea that his parents had no idea Yah Right !!!!!! :) but newayz this my first time so bare with me LOL, thx for neone who can help me out here maby lead me in the right direction !!!!!!!!!
  2. I would start from scratch myself, and go in on it by yourself

    without your dealer or your friend knowing.

    Good Luck!
  3. stoners right just start off with some bag seed learn from that then order some seeds
  4. yea man i would jus start like that to and i wouldnt go in wirthanybody if your gonna grow id do it by yourself you never klnow when your gonna piss your buddy off and hell rat you out no god at all lol good luck though man
  5. Dig as many holes as plants you going to plant. Put soil In the holes.Plant the seeds.Germinate first.Water come back later and maybe you'll have sprouts. But don't tell anyone,so tell your freind and esspecially you drug dealer that its a dumb idea and you have changed your mind.
  6. go with bag seed this first time. Unless weather turns really dry, you shouldn't have to water them more than once per week. Keep and eye on them and they will let you know when they are thirsty.

    Don't tell anyone what you are doing, NO ONE!
  7. yeah ur first batch will probably die so don't bother to bye um
    I tried growing some my self last summer they got to about 6 inches and than they all just died so we might try again this year

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