Outdoor growing in Texas?

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  1. hello all. I've never grown a thing in my life. I tend to have more of a black thumb than a green thumb. That's going to change very soon. I have a collection of about 6-8 seeds, all random from a friend up in San Francisco. Half are supposed to be a lesser quality plant(and the seeds look a bit darker) and half are supposed to be a very good plant.

    I'm moving into an apartment August 15 where I plan to set up some form of indoor growing, but until that happens I'd like to try my luck at home(secluded house) with one or two outdoor pots with the lesser seeds.

    My question is, am I too late in the season to attempt? Aside from never doing this before, I'm worried the heat/rain/dryness will get to it. Where I live half the time it's a desert and the other half its a monsoon, all the time while regularly being 90°F or higher. It normally cools down to low 80s at night and high 70s for a few hours early in the morning (1am-7am typically). Not to mention the humidity!!! Regularly over 70%, often even higher.

    I know I will not have time to finish growing the plant if it does in fact grow, but my mom will take care of it when I go back to college and she has a much greener thumb than I. Thoughts?
  2. @The Evil Thing
    Don't they still hang you in Texas for simple possession let alone cultivation ? For yourself I don't care but putting your mother at risk like that isn't smart unless things have changed a lot.
    Besides that.
    Yes it's late in the season and outside they start to flower about mid Aug. But you can still get a small plant out of them. Fire em and see what happens. Keep in mind a fully flowered plant stinks like a road killed skunk and there is no hiding from the neighboring houses. My whole block knows I grow as word gets around and I've had requests from way down the far end of the street where they can't possibly smell it. Neighbors will talk and it's quite legal here so it's not an issue for me.
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  3. Lol. Do not grow in Texas or at least outdoors. Their laws are incredibly strict and you are lemme spell it out for yah ;) F-U-C-K-E-D . At least grow indoors with a led and you can probably get some pretty decent bud off it if you keep your plants healthy and regulate growing conditions. Too late to be growing outdoors you wouldve had to start them in Late April or early May. Thats just getting through the seedling stage too. Ooh plus in Texas with that hot ass weather and very little wind itll stink like a motherfucker
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  4. She wanted to grow it before I even had the thought. We have about 5 acres surrounding us so I wouldn't think smell would be too much of a problem. Don't think neighbors would care too much either knowing them.
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  5. Possession is also decriminalized in my county.
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  6. Based on my county and the state of Texas laws concerning weed cultivation, as long as the plant(s) yield 4oz or less I nor my mom will not face charges, and instead will be directed into taking a marijuana safety/information course if caught.
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  7. Lol. They will take every single bit of your plant and weigh it all out. Stem, leaves, buds and everything so I am almost positive itll be over 4 oz.
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  8. Yeah I'm pretty sure my main stems alone are almost a lb... I agree with everyone else. Texas is not the right political climate to cultivate cannabis.

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  9. And indoor growing?
  10. Its much less of a risk than outdoor. Do it in your basement or something in one of those stealth tents that have the mylar that blocks out infared if I am not mistaken. Basically what I am saying is that helicopters cant detect the heat coming off your light.. I used to live in Lousiana and we had a high water table and were unable to have basements. Is that the same case with Texas?
  11. yes same case, no basements.
  12. with ac and proper ventilation you could totally grow indoors, but youll need some equipment

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  13. Yeah I don't have a basement. I grow indoor and outdoor. Hav a couple tents I use in my house.

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  14. Oh heres a tip that I learned from. Do not grow with HPS lights unless you have a huge tent with extremely powerful exhaust fans. Start with a cheap chinese led. Like Viparspectra or Mars
  15. Since I will almost definitely be restricted to a closet grow once I move into my apartment, I was already pretty sure I would go with LEDs because of the heat. Since I haven't seen my apartment yet I don't know for sure the kind of set up I'll have, but will probably either be in a closet or I will buy a a wardrobe and grow in there. Thoughts? I'm wondering how the hell I will circulate the air and install a carbon dilter
  16. Ventilation is all plug and play my dude. Installing a carbon filter is way easier than it may seem. You just hook up your carbon filter using aluminum ducting to your intake or outtake fan depending on your set up.

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  17. Small box fan or oscillating fan will work fine. With the exhaust you will need to get those screws that have hooks on them and install into the ceiling or if your closet has a rack tie it up too that. Then get some ducting and run it outside of the closet as closed as possible so no smell leaks. You could put a couple ona gel outside of the closet to capture any rogue smellzzz ;)
  18. Fuck the wardrobe just buy a tent. It'll have Pre sized ventilation holes, etc. Much easier than refurbing a wardrobe.

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  19. Oh and here is another tip. Dont ever grow more than one plant inside of an apartment. Weed stinks just smoking it and once you have a plant fruiting depending on the strain could smell up the whole house. Plus it makes it more convenient if you only do one at a time so you can dry in the tent with the carbon scrubber
  20. The tent would go Inthe wardrobe. I have to hide this stuff for when matience/landlady comes in. Or am I overthinking it?

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