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outdoor growing in scotland?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by n3wb13, May 27, 2009.

  1. this may sound ridiculous, but i might give it a try, im considering guerilla growing in scotland, yes it get freezing here in winter but im thinking, this summer it is supposed to be very hot and i am contemplating dropping a few seeds.
    how plausable is this?
    thing in i cant grow in my house as my mum doesnt know i enjoy herb and if she did i doubt she would let me grow.
    so tell me people am i an idiot or might it possible work (i know i wont get the best results but hey, if i get herb then great, if not then nothing lost)
  2. you should check into a auto flower strain ther 11 weeks from seed till harvest..... so if it doesnt frost for the next 11 weeks you good other wise your prob just wasting your time...
  3. any names or links?
  4. Automatic Flowering cannabis Dwarf Seeds Any of those should do the trick but I would read some grow reports on forums to be certain of the autoflowering aspects as some strains dont which has caused much consternation among some ondoor growers!! You can be certain they will deliver too (approx 4 days). Use discount code 420 which should get you 15% off which I know will appeal to your Scottish self:p

    Some of the seeds listed as dwarfs will also get rather large if cared for properly and can yield quiet well. Either way you can be certain they will flower before the first frosts which is the real limitiation along with heavy rain which promotes mold both of which will ruin your harvest.

    I would recommend hanging around here a good bit to read up on your outdoor growing which will certainly help you avoid some of the perils and pitfalls. I myself am reading avidly in anticipation of my first outdoor grow and have learned many and various growing tips and trichs just reading some of the larger grow journals posted on this forum. From what I have read there are some real experienced growers that dont mind sharing their knowledge which will help everyone here who takes the time to read and research properly.

    Keep it green. :D
  5. thanks man, so i take it that the general consensus is i can grow in scotlands climate (summer) aslong as there is no overly heavy rain or frost,
  6. can anyone tell me what seeds to use?
    im looking for someone with a little experiance to say you will want to use ____
    seing as this is my first grow
  7. Sativasam gave you the best link. You need an Autoflowering strain.

    Any normal seed will not finish in time.
  8. cheers, so do i want an autoflowering indica or satvia, what is the best brand also. i take it i want feminised?
  9. Try the lowryder 2 or the ak cross, both have had good reports. Do some research and find out for yourself which would best suit your personal tastes with regards to sativas or indicas, though indicas are generally easier to grow it may be that you prefer the more lively high of the sativa and may not like the lethargy that comes with the indica smoke. Indicas however may yield more for the inexperienced grower.

    Do the research and learn, its not that hard to do a search and all you need to know is posted allover this forum if you would take the time to look, besides theres loadsa bud porn pictures to ogle and drool over:D I dont wanna sound mean but laziness with outdoor growing will get you nowhere, my neck is still aching after lugging rucksacks full of comost to my grow site and I will be even more cantankerous after all the backbreakin diggin I've yet to do.

    Keep it green.
  10. In fact if I were growing in the UK I would get a greenhouse, fit it with frosted glass - make the best of what little sun us Brits get. Avoid mould and any early frosts.

    Grow tomatoes as well and give them to the neighbours, great cover, and they will think only good things about that nice man next door.
  11. Good advice on the greenhoue there Cantharis, for me its a case of I would if I could. Also thanks for the input Cantharis as I will be growing outside myself this year and hope growers in the Uk will post here so we can benefit from all the experience available here.

    Would also go with the femmed seeds as they just make life plain easier.

    Keep it green.
  12. cant have a greenhouse as im guerilla growing, i still live with pearents and they would keill me if they knew
  13. actually, depending on what money is like i might get a pack of each, 6 satvia seeds and 6 indica seeds. however i would plant one of each but i would like to know, how long do seeds survive for once the bag is opened?
  14. Dont buy the sativa, it will take them much longer to bud, indica flower much faster.
  15. ok, but damn, i want some satvia. ive only ever had no name indica
  16. Home

    Check 55*N Hybrids/outdoor section out.

    I recommend Libanon 30 or guerilla gold x danish passion. They all finish very very early and perfect for your condition. Almost all seeds can be grown in Denmark at 55 latitudes.
  17. Just get the feminised autoflowering seeds n3wb13, they will do you proud for your first outdoor grow and take out all the guesswork which means an easier grow for a self confessed newbie. Just google search the strain to be certain that they will autoflower (most lowryders hybrifds have been reported to autoflower correctly), I wouldnt take much notice of the stated yield as they are very conservative. People have grown auto varieties and reported harvests of 5oz per plant so the POTential is there if you look after them right. ​

    A feminised autoflowering strain even if it is predominantly a sativa variety will deliver the goods if you look after them right, sativa strains normally take longer to flower and will be very difficult to finish in the UK climate, autos should flower in the stated time. Non auto seeds feminised or not will flower at the end of Sept or mid Oct in the UK with sativa strains finishing later. As with anything in life effort equals results so be certain you are willing and able to put in the time and effort watering/feeding your plants and you should already have a good well hidden spot to grow in mind.

    Order the seeds and any fertilisers you intend using and while waiting for delivery do some research on what exactly is involved to get a worhtwhile harvest. Just planting a seed outside (IF it germinates) then leaving the whole thing to chance is a recipe for disaster which will more than likely result in no bud and you out of pocket. Also read some of the outdoor grow journals from last year on this forum as they have loads of info on exactly what you should be doing to get the best results. I would also order those seeds as soon as possible summer is here and the nettles have doubled in size near my growsites in the last 7 days because of the recent heavy rain. Marijuana is very easy to grow and just needs plenty of water/sun and the odd bit of fertiliser to get a reasonable result. You may not get the monster trees that some people do round here but growing your own will ensure you never have to pay £25 for a crappy 3 gram deal again!!

    Make the effort and you can have some nice buds, that is what I learned growing indoors, this year is my first outdoor grow and I also have much to learn. Read those grow journals and learn from them as the people who post them dont go to all that effort for nothing and the results speak for themselves. I must admit that I have a vested interest in your possible grow as it would be good to swap notes on UK growing, us Britts need to represent!! so make sure you keep us all informed here. Good luck.

    Keep it green.
  18. thanks alot man, im deffinately going to go ahead with this now, my last exam is tomorrow (just rolled a huge jay to smoke after it) and im going to order the seeds as soon i know when my mum will be out.
    sorry if i havent read this properly, im really tired just now but can someone please link me to a reputable shop with a good easy to grow autoflowering strain and i will bookmark it to buy, i dont know the difference betweens strains just now so weed is weed to me. ill keep you all informed over the summer and hopefully i can get some good amounts (id be extatic with half an 0 to be honest haha)
    thanks again!
  19. Check my previous link for feminised auto seeds they deliver ok plus you get freebie seeds which I would start next year if they arent autoflowers, the lowlife and g13 brands have had some good reports so take your pick of those 2 brands. The Taiga strain is reported to not autoflower properly so you should maybe avoid that one.

    Your seedlings will be very delicate for about 3-6 weeks after germination and will require some regular care. Make sure you use copper tape or copper wire rings to keep the slugs off that will eat your baby plants. Do that research and learn what you need to know, I know I will be this year.

    Keep it green.
  20. hey guys, iv'e found a spot, its ina sunny area in some dense nettles about 4 foot high, im going to clear out a 3 or 4 foot squared area and put a chicken wire fence around it. does that sound ok?

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