Outdoor Growing in Florida - need suggestions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by naorb, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. hey so i know im late in starting a grow but circumstances only permitted themselves now for me :| but here in south florida a grow is pretty much possible almost anytime. anyways i need some of your guys suggestions on a couple of things.

    id like to grow a fairly small plant which is why i chose a 5 gallon smartpot. do u think its ok to grow a plant to full maturity in one?

    another thing is the weather here. south florida means lots of sun and then sudden strong rains. because of this do you think i would need some sticks around with string as support?

    lastly is the soil makeup. i have cow manure, peat moss, and fox farm OF
    i plan on buying worm castings and perlite.
    what nice mix can i make with these? if you have any recommendations of other supplies you think i should buy then please make them:D
  2. Stick with what you know. Don't over complicate things. Water/nute schedule, ph, direct light vs. total light, moisture content, temp... I have harvested niceness times ten up north but this is my first attempt in so. flo. Read the plant and let it tell you what it needs. I'll try and put up my other posts.

  3. thanks for the reply SPACEBOMBER i just dont want to go into the grow unprepared. my main concern is whether i would need support for the plants when there are heavy rains
  4. Sounds like you already got a plan. Im in central fl and i have one girl outside. I would let her veg for a while and supercrop her and she will stay short. also topping or LSTing.
  5. Topping and lst is going to be very important, the main problems I have here in N. Florida is heat, water and too much growth.

    Just look at my plants. The ones i didnt top are way bigger than what I wanted but the ones I topped once are a little better. If they get huge there going to need a bigger pot and there going to suck up more water more often.

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