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  1. hey, just wanted to ask how hard is it to grow outdoors. say for instance out in the woods a mile from your place. any advice? thanks in advance
  2. Provided you have a secure location...outdoor gardening is not to difficult. A mile is a long way to carry water though.....lol

  3. lolz yes it is. but the site is right next to a small river. what kind of soil is best for outdoor planting. the soil at the spot is moist but has alot of tiny rocks. we might be able to dig deap enough to wear the soil is just soil but then it might be too deep.
  4. I am also beginning some small plants to plant outdoors. I have a few possible sites; nothing solid yet. My question is, besides height/bushiness, how can one tell a female plant from a male plant? What is the preferred fertilizer? Any additives to water/soil? HELP! I'm tired of high prices and low availablilty!

  5. my answer was its a long goddamn walk to bring water, *LOL*

  6. Use Schultz water soulbe fertilizer. Its right next to the Miracle-Gro at Wal MArt or Home Depot.

    females have tiny microscopic vaginas but they have pretty white pubic hairs taht you can see. The males have little dangly green testicles that bloom out to little upside down flowers.

  7. that is the best and simplest way I have heard to gender a plant.lol.

    Make sure the plants will get plenty of sun.

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