outdoor growing...HELP!!!!!

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  1. i've started about 7 to 9 seeds in my back yard with a mixture of compost soil and rabbit shit, which i am told can help your plants yield buds as big as your arm.
    im just looking for little tips and tidbits on watering, covering, sunlight/positioning, just about anything you could think of to help me out would be great.

    on another note, my friend and i are growing 4 seeds in his basement in regular potting soil, with a blacklight on it, and surprisingly enough, we have 4 sprouts ranging from 1 centimeter to 6 inches tall and they seem to be growing healthy. now, i'm fairly ignorant about growing in general and was absolutely flabberghasted to see these unexpected results, we really had little faith in this project, we agreed to take care of it and just let it go with the flow, and so far, it's friggin working! so im pretty happy, just eager to see if anything will "arise" (pardon the pun!) from my backyard project. plz respond.
  2. Outdoor Growing :)

    Got a couple of plants flowering outside at the moment. I found it very easy. The secret is don't over pamper them. They are a weed and don't need to much help. In the early stages I watered about every 2 days depending on the weather. Best way is to check their soil. I fertilised when I remembered. Once a week or every 10 days.

    You can tie them down and train them along the back fence. It will grow along and up towards the sun. Cool idea I thought, might try it with my next lot!

    Lots of direct sun is essential. Unfortunately mine got too big to hide so we hid them behind the shed and they are in the shade way to much. You can tell the plant has suffered because the bottom half of the plant has much smaller buds. I wish I could stick them in the middle of the lawn.

    Good luck, keep us posted!

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