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  1. Hello yall, im a new grower from long island new york. You can call me sleepy. Im posting here for a few tips, im growing a bunch of plants nd they will be outdoor. Im just in the beginning stages a bit, just barly germinating the seeds. I have about 15 planted in dirt with most breaking through already, my dirt isnt the greatest but its not bad also. Im just wondering, what i can put in the dirt as like food and stuff goes, i need to know what i can buy from home depot or target ? The weather in new york has been cloudy and rainy the passed week so my plants lack sun right now since i gottem inside for now.
  2. you should buy some liquid fertilizer. Like fox farms if you are going organic. Maybe there is a hydro store in your area. If not they sell liquid fertilizer at home depot. look for organic plant/flower fertilizer
  3. sleepy
    Not much from either place is all that useable for our needs..
    3.5 CF compressed bales of Peat =home depot or lowes
    2 Cubic Foot bags of Perlite = HD
    Ecoscraps compost = HD
    Chicken manure = lowes
    Alfalfa pellets = pet store or feed & tack shops
    Avoid = bone meal, blood meal, azomite, high priced bat and bird guanos, Most dry ferts, All liquid ferts, Anything marked Miracle Grow..
    Depending on how carried away you want to get.. Perlite and alfalfa pellets will go a long ways in a ground based run.. The more goodies you can add the better but much of it takes a couple of runs in the same hole before it really starts to pay off..
    I grow in the back yard 3 or 4 cycles per year and the plants just get better each run as more of the amendments break down and become available to the plants..
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

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