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  1. Hi there,

    Looking for some advice here on what to do:)

    I have a few plants standing outside in a forest, they are about 3 months old (between 100 and 150 cm high), all female.

    I have added a few plants to the bunch, however I do not know what the sex of these plants are- they are about 2 months old, however still quite small, about 30cm to 50cm, I cannot determine the sex of the plant yet.

    My question now is, can those smaller male plants become a danger to the older female plants? if so, when would that be?

    Besides that, when should I start seeing the sex of the plants?

    Thanks a lot in advance for helping me out:)
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  2. They'll only be a danger if one them turns out male. Other than that the smaller ones would be fine.

    And idk if sex will even show yet it maybe a bit early but, you can always check.
  3. Thanks for your quick help!

    There will for sure be males, there's about 40 extra plants I added to 10 female (the older plants).

    When would those males become a danger? and would they become a danger at all? the older plants are much further in the growing process than the newly added smaller ones.
  4. Oh than check often. Male are a danger as soon they produce pollen. Luckily we can tell before they start produce production.
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  5. Thanks, how do those pollen look like, and when are they suppose to come out? I guess pollen and seedsacks are not the same here..?
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  6. Alright, so these sacks are pretty difficult to see, it's easy to mistaken a sack for a bunch of early growing leafs I suppose. When do those sacks start to distribute pollen?

    Could it be that my female plants are in danger already?

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