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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Willie The Pimp, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hey GC, long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've been smoking for a year or two now, and in my area there's a serious case of unreliable dealers. So, I've been thinking, what about growing my own plant? Unfortunately, due to the sheer lack of space I have and some really annoying neighbours, the only option I have is to grow outdoors, which brings in its own problems, as i live in the UK, which obviously doesn't have the most appropriate climate for growing herb, i have some worries.

    So here's my question. Would it be possible to grow outdoors, in the UK's not so awesome weather, and yield a smokeable crop?

    I don't really want a high yield, just enough for myself.

    Any replies are appreciated.
  2. you definitively can do this in the UK- shayanashop has correct description which are suitable for outdoors. you would want to use these that finish off early maybe.

    best is, in colder climate, to pre grow indoors in a stealth box until they have two or 3 sets of leaves, or the roots poke out the small pots, and then transplant. if they start up outdoors, it takes longer (in cold climate). if it has 2 weeks sunny days it's about equal but also myself i had trouble with slugs.

    so if you just pop 5 or ten seeds somewhere outdoors maybe u would be disappointed- two or 3 plants would make it.

    if you have zero experience try around with birdseed until u get an understanding on the startup.
  3. Ah great stuff! Thanks for the info!

    I didn't realise it would be as simple as that. I'll definitely be trying this out. Would they need attention? Or would it be ok to just leave them to themselves. Obviously i'd check on them but things like watering/tending to them?
  4. I am growing outdoor myself for the first time now.
    Yes they do need attention- replacing the seedlings that did not make it, adding more, and of course watering.

    I have been around the site 4 or 5 times now, each time for at least 5 hours (getting water from a stream, digging holes etc.)
    And that's just the beginning as I will add more plants.

    Always consider not all plants will make it, some will be males, or the yield will not be so good. Depends on how much you smoke but myself I hope for at least 20 plants. If the soil is bad also they will grow 80cm not the 1.50m or 2m they write in the adverts.

    If you just leave them to survive on their own, simply they will be smaller. And you will not know how many actually survive from seedlings.

    Starting up directly from seeds outdoors is bad due to slugs, I have lost 10 seedings (from 16) and it just turned out to be the more expensive stuff. Good luck that I did not use all of the expensive seeds in one go.

    If you just grow one plant and think you'll get 500 grams bud (not just weed leaves), that is the result when they have good climate (not UK probably), enough water, sunny side, and top nutrition.

    I'd recommend to grow plants which will stay compact, dense, due to unwanted detection. And to start them up soon as possible.
  5. Thanks for all the info man, i really appreciate it. I have a few sites in mind so i'll be checking them out soon!

    How much yield would you expect from say one plant with an outdoor grow such as this? I know it can vary cause of the conditions etc, but approximately?
  6. hey dude just wanted to chip in as im uk guy myself, you aint near scottland are you as that seems to be the hardest place lol, as mentioned b4 i think, its best to start em indoors with out very unreliable weather, its due to the weather ive nerver tryed out side myself,

    just remember to find a VERY secure & secluded spot, best is one thats hard to get 2 so people wont just happern to wonder there by chance, also their going to need atleast 7-9 hours of sunlight a day for outdoors, or well maybe just light with our cloudy skys lol

    i wont even guess a yeild you could get as at this point with out any info it could be 1gr-200+gr or more, but i do know outdoor uk grows yeild alot less than else where (guess thats kinda obvi tho lol)

    hope all goes well dude
  7. Guess 50 grams- that's my own estimate.
    After a month or so add some fertilizer the tomato stuff they sell in supermarkets, or the more specialized stuff if u want to feel professional.
    But if they have fertilizer they also need more water or it does not make much sense.
    As for small trees, people just use to put a handful or so of these fertilizer crystals around the base, let the rain do the rest, but as for marijuana, we have many threads here with detailed explanation.

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