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  1. its raining every fucking 2 days or so, I swear this weather sucks.

    My plants are in a soil less medium ( sterile) gave em a full strenght dose of flora nova growth. But since a week I havent gave em anything. Two are starting week 5 since seed.
    2 are at week 4 since seed (starting).

    So with all this fucking rain, when do I give em nutes ( as I dont want to overwater them).

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  2. I'm here to see what people say as I see myself having this problem in the near future. (San Francisco weather)

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  3. Here is a better photo. They are clearly fucking doing great however i'm still wondering how to properly water due to all the rain.

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  4. If they are in a soil less medium then I dont think you can over water them. In DWC for eg the roots sit in the water..
  5. in situations like this I would recommend top dressing instead of using liquid nutrients. Mr beezs is good to start with.
  6. Oops. I see you are In a soilless medium. Forget that last statement.
  7. You don't top dress a soil less medium...What would be the point?

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