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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gre123123, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone, so i typed this in another post but my plants got ripped a few days ago, and i am decided to start indoor to be safer. I have the outdoor supplies that i can use for indoor (soil, buckets, seeds, nutes)
    I got some info from GC when i asked about the cheapest lights and they said CFLs so i will go with those. what other supplies are the basic must-haves. im not trying to do anything fancy..the room is a 70 degrees basement with alot of air flow i can leave the windows open with fans to help air flow i mean

  2. go with an MHD, and get an HPS Converter Bulb (360watt HPS converter bulb for $30), you can usually find them cheap on Craigslist. (for like $30 - 400watt) it will be a bit more expensive than CFL's but they're brighter, and create better, healthier, more yielding plants,
  3. oh, so CFLs dont make good light for best plants? Well do u think u can give me estimate how many of those lights I need for about 6 plants?

  4. 1- 400 watt HPS or MHD is enought 6plants
  5. thanks for the help snow.. So only 1 is enough? Is there ne other things that I need to have? in my basemnt there is a room with a tiny window and the room is perfect size like 20'x20'. I am making white walls to reflect the lite. anything else i need?

  6. Fans/Ventilation, and whatever Medium you're using for your plants (hydro, soil) and i'd go with an electrial Timer that you can plug your light/ballest into.

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