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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by CityofgoD, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. i live in an area where it rains a significant amount of the summer and because of this i have pondered moving into an indoor setup. Does anyone know if i can have a good grow with cloudy and rainy weather almost garaunteed three days out of the week?
  2. sorry that link leads to the shop, just click outdoor seeds in the menu collum and look on the last page
  3. You can do anyting you put your mind to.:)
    Just think it through before you plant anything. Mj plants dont like to be constantly wet but you can make some sort of tent over it with clear plastic. If the sun is never up You might want to consider indoors if yeild/potency is what you want .
  4. Like in the UK?? Lots of guys seem to grow outdoor successfully there, even in Scotland. But they do seem to get problems with mould.
  5. the strain i mentioned, "rox" is mould and fungus resistant. sound like its worth a shot.
  6. Growing in Spain like you, I have never had ANY problems at all with mould. It is still hot and dry at harvest time.
  7. i was refering to the climate cityofgod wants to grow in, and also your conserns with mould for plants grown in wetter climates. the strain "ROX" is virtually mould free and having discovered that i would have happily grown outdoors in england with this strain. it seems a good strain for that climate
  8. OK, fisher, understood.

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