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  1. Sup fellow blades...these seedlings sprouted 2-3 weeks ago. I've been keeping them under the hps at 12/12 and getting them used to the sun the rest of the day so they get about 4-5 hrs without light. On rainy days I'll either put them in front of the sliding glass door or under the flouro in the kitchen. Only drawback I've had is that it rained one day while I was out and I had watered them the day before...one factor for the legginess. These strains are Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, and SuperJack x Jack Herer.

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  2. I've got several plots ready to go...not much to look at now but in a few months they'll be lookin good:smoke:

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  3. Bought some hydrated lime today and in the morn they'll be in their new homes.

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  4. lookin good :D
  5. Looks good so far..but why did you choose hydrated lime over dolomitic lime..? You have to be carefull with hydrated lime not to overdo it,,,with dolomitic lime mixed into medium,,it releases evenly without worry of burn.....just curious....


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