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  1. It looks like my clones are dying or have some type of deficency. i need help with this asap

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  2. If anyone can help I would surely appreciate it
  3. What's chomping off the ends of your leaves? Do your cups have drainage holes? What are you growing in? They look a bit wet are you letting them dry out a bit between waterings? Have you fed them? They're a bit young for nutes.
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  4. Give more info. it's a little late for outdoors depending on location. Looks like you might be over watering. How long have they been in the cup?
  5. Chomping off the ends of the leaves is supposed to put more energy into the growth of the clones. Yes the clones have drainage holes at the bottom of the cups. they are growing in a mix of manure and perlite. i might have been overwatering them because they get watered every two days. i dont use nutrients for any of my plants.
  6. These plants have been in their cups for a week now. I water the plants almost every two days. i need to hold off on watering them so much.
  7. So your mix contains ONLY manure and perlite?
  8. yes that is all that it contains
  9. Like...shit? Not compost?
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  10. no compost at all
  11. That seems like an odd mix to put a freshly rooted clone into. But i mean..they dont look terrible. Obviously the leaves that have been cut won't really recover and eventually fall off.
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  12. I took the clones out the soil at sec ago and the clones don't have an true roots development yet. I put the clones in some ph water to possibly help.
  13. So you are going to smoke non composted shit? Fresh manure and perlite is a shitty growing medium.
  14. I don't even know what compost is or what it is for
  15. Composted manure for gardening consists of the shit of plant eating animals that has been collected into a major pile, mixed with organic matter (grass clippings etc) and allowed to "cook" for a few months in a multi-step, closely monitored process with measured inputs of water and air. It breaks down the carbon based ingredients so they cn be absorbed by plants. Straight shit is bad for plants... way too hot and full of bacteria that can be really bad for you. Go eat a fresh piece of shit and report back after you get out of the hospital.
  16. okayyy lol. how can I make compost?
  17. Google is your friend.
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  18. oh I thought you knew how to make it since you mentioned it
  19. alright then
  20. You need to use some other form of medium other than manure.

    Get some organic soil. Order it on amazon if you don't have a local hydro store.

    I suggest Fox Farms ocean forest

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