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  1. The two larger plants are at week 3 of flowering the two others ( bottom part of the photo) are at week 2 of flowering

    Top ones are auto fem trainwrecks and bottom are short riders (auto fem)

    What do you guys think? :p

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  2. They look healthy! Nice work!

    It's a little difficult to tell, but it looks like you LST'd the trainwrecks but not the short riders. How come?
  3. Looking good!
    I've got a couple in a polytunnel at the moment, one's not looking as good as yours unfortunately.

  4. The two ahort riders were growing wierdly. They didnt really stretched out on the sides like the trainwrecks.
    So I just let em go like this. Ill get like 1-1.5 oz per short riders and like 2-3 oz per trainwrecks
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  5. Last growth I got 11 oz with 3 plants that all were LST. I still have some and i really like the smoothness of the smoke.
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  6. Here's an update the two trainwrecks are at week 4 of flowering.

    The two short riders (the plants that arent LST) are at week 3 flowering
  7. Oops here are the pictures:

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  8. Heres a 2nd picture

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  9. I like your garden. It looks pretty zen.
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  10. Do you water with silica? I find that silica really helps me build sturdy branches that can support weight really well.

    Your plants are looking pretty nice!
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  11. Haha, thanks! Never thought of putting silica in the water. I could add DE earth? Since thats 100% silica??

    Btw this is my 4th growth. I've learned alot from my previous mistakes! Thats why they're so happy haha!
  12. Haha thanks! Yeah I like it alot! However I cant spend as much time I would like cuz my fucking cat also loves my weed. He eats the leaves like theres no tomorrow if I dont keep an eye on her.
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  13. Too funny. The only thing that's eating mine are grasshoppers at the moment.
  14. Hahaha theres also those god damn japanese beetles aswell. They're easy to catch and kill but still. What an annoyance
  15. Those giant green ones? Like a big green June bug.
  16. Nah they're like small scarabs. About half an inch long.
  17. Here are those filthy cocksuckers.

    Only found one. But still

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  18. Nice!

    In regards to silica, I prefer to add Pro-Tekt silicon supplement to my water than to use DE. I've heard that DE would work, but it also adjusts pH and kills little critters indiscriminately -not bad if you're struggling with gnats, but really bad if you use beneficial insects. Pro-Tekt is easy for me to add, though, since I already aerate my water for a few days before watering. Plus, it helps get rid of the chloramine in my municipal water!
    Dude! I've grown indoors for a while, and my cat was never very interested in my plants. I'm in the middle of my first outdoors grow, though, and she won't stop nibbling on the lower fan leaves! Little pain in the ass
  19. Those little dicks! We get these Asian fruit beetles. Big green like an emerald. Very pretty. They eat the shit out of my squash and melons. Most damage done is in larval stage. They have huge grubs that are born in the soil. These fuckers will kill plants from the roots up.
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  20. I got my chicken eating mine lol

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