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  1. Basically i just wanted to see some other opinions. I have 3girls they all look decent IMO but my biggest is starting to look a little yellow any ideas? ALso they are 1-2 weeks into flowering and all LST and that was my first experiment with LST.

    this is my biggest[​IMG]

    my medium

    and my smallest
  2. those are beautiful..

    bagseed by chance?
  3. yes, they were bagseed. it was some good ass mid though lime green only 1 or 2 seeds in a quarter. All i could get at the time. they smell fruity though, I think they need some N and P the biggest is startin to yello and some stems are turning red

  4. i asked cuz i recognize that strain :)

    it's oaxocan, great strain.... it's got a lemon salt type flavor/smell :)
  5. could be, all i kno is it was from a batch of some strong mid quality buds.
  6. That is great man! You look like you have some experience.

    I dunno where you are located but if you have clay in your soil it can cause the plants to turn yellow at the bottom and slowly die bottom to top. This will happen if you don't dig completely through the clay layer into the next.. It prevents the water from going thru. I had this happen to a bag seed plant of mine and it took me a long time to figure it out and I definately lost what would have been about 1.5-2 ounces in like a month. But what I did to fix it was dig out the hole bigger.. Obviously try to be careful. You dont even gotta dig all the way around just dig a pocket next to it and fill it with really good new dirt and they perk back up so fast.
  7. yes, I have some experience. If it was a problem from clay wouldntit have started during the veg stage? Ill try giving it some N and P first and see where that goes. But they smell dank and I would hate to loose any of them after all my work and patience.
  8. really nice grow man :) that looks pretty af lol

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