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Outdoor grow with Containers?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Nugga-boo, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Hey I'm starting a little grow in Northern Cali. Because the ground is like 12 inches of topsoil, and then goes straight to red clay I was wondering about using Grow bag's or containers. I'm planning on putting 30 girls out and was wondering what size pot I should use. I know that pot basically ='s yield and that I will only be limiting myself, But crap soil, and not enough time to do raised beds. If anybody wanted to shed lights on their "Perfect soil Mix" I'd be glad to hear it as well. I'm thinking 5 or 7 gallon pots/bags. If I do them I would dig 12-14inch deep holes so the bags/pots don't fall over
  2. I was planning on germing my beans March 5th. And vegging them in Dixie cups then half gallon pots for a few weeks. Then moving them out to my guerrilla location where I would use 5 or 7 gallon pots. How long must I wait before pollen sac's show up and I can sex my plant? 1month?
  3. That's a lot of questions in one thread dude, they can all be answered in the stickies.
  4. If you're planning to grow out in the wild where you won't be able to tend your plants too often, I'd suggest planting in the ground rather than using containers.

    Dig a good-sized hole (2 shovels wide and 2 shovels deep) amend the soil from the hole with composted manure and some peatmoss and refill the hole w/ your mix.

    The reason I suggest that is because the plants will not dry out as readily when planted in the ground, and will have access to the moisture in the soil as a result of rain.

    I only use 3-5 gal. containers, but I have to water daily...even with the huge amount of rain we get here in S. Florida.
  5. Thanks old school. Yah the location I had picked had great sun, no people, good access. Only thing it didnt have was workable soil. I'm taking after 10inches you hit red ROCK. So.. Looks like im gunna switch it up and troll my local creek. Creek = better soil and lower water table. I'm searching around now for simple cheap irragation methods. I think a 6v pump would do wonders if it drew water from the creek about 10 feet to some plants.

    Not sure extact details of set up for irrigation. 1/2 inch tubing inn water to pump to rez. and from rex cut a hole and set up a timer to open close spigot, then attach tubing to that and y splitters etc to # of plants? Sound alright?

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