Outdoor grow, too late? Northeast.

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  1. Hey guys. I took the longest hietus, but it's good to be back. Really looking to start a grow this year. Thinking about an outdoor though. Few questions though. Ight so I need somewhere to get seeds, and I want good seeds for my area. Gotta be a strong strain to the cold for right now, and rain and disease. :devious: and I'm also wondering if I should plant it directly into the soil or into a pot. That's pretty much it. How late can I start though? So that I can get done flowering in time. Thanx. Tips on a stealth grow, outdoor soil mix, and things to watch out for are much welcome.
  2. Hey gray.

    Start them off indoors and plant them outside during the last week of May or first week of June to avoid frost, this way you can harvest by Mid-Late September. If you leave them in a pot you'll have much more control over the quality of soil they're in than just throwing them in the ground.

    Erowid Cannabis Vault : Cultivation Outdoors

    Read this over for answers to most, if not all and then some, of your questions.
  3. Thanks man, and I was thinking about only growing in the ground with added soil. If I do decide to but it in a pot, how large should it be? I want my baby to be huge. I knew I had to start indoors. Do you happen to have a grow journal for your bud? Looks nice! Thanks again!
  4. General guide is 1 foot of plant for every gallon of potsize. So a 5 foot plant would do well in a 5 gallon pot. An extra gallon or two for outdoors couldn't hurt.

    No grow journal just the harvest but there's plenty of info in that thread about my grow I'd say.
  5. Ight thanks man. How large would i dig my whole to fill with MY soil for outdoor? And yeah ill look closer next time at your thread.

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