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    Finally got a female to grow, she going pretty good except for whitefly damage and some fertilizer burn which i believe is nitrogen, because it was all i had and decided to use it while it was flowering (stopped now). This is now week 5 of flowering i believe, can anyone give me any tips or point out any other noticeable problems?
    Thanks :smoke:
    oh and that 7 gallon pot she's in was just done last sunday

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  2. looks good what is it ,ruderalis??
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    lol sativa I believe, shes from some seeds from a batch of bricks that came from Jamaica. Shes also small because i've kept her in smaller pots for a long time
  4. alright bro i use to love the jamaican bud ,looks really tasty good job!
  5. Nicee plant sexy lil girl
  6. Looking good! Little over watered, what's your nutrients looking like? Has it been overcast where your at?
  7. Overwatered from a massive amount of rain we just had just got back to sunny weather today. Nutrients are just water and epsom salt right now, but was originally using some sort of miracle-gro the npk was 18-14-16 or something like that, plus the soils are mixed with composted seaweed and a little horse manure
  8. That would explain the curling leaves. Next time don't mix chemicals and organics. Can cause nutrient lock outs. I would suggest buying a good flowering nutrient if you want the girl to finish off nicely. Otherwise you may be a little disappointed in how it smokes.
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    oh fuck never realized that would be a problem thought it would give me better tasting bud in the end gonna try buy some sort of bloom chem fertz today she starting show potassium def now

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