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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ineedit, May 14, 2006.

  1. I have a small container (uncovered) full of seeds from probably about a year ago. I want to throw them in the ground and see if I can successfully get another from them. First and formost I was wondering if these seeds will still grow???

    I found a descrete area in the woods that I want to ripp up and try to plant in. I live in N.E. PA and its just turning warmer into summer like weather. How far should the seeds go in (without being germinated; i just want to see if they will grow). ?? If I get any to pop up I wanna build a small fence around them so no animals will eat them. I think they will be safe from any1 or anything else

    Just a few questions needed 2 be answered and any other advice is appreciated.

    Thanks Alot
  2. yes they will grow but what you should do is plant them in plastic cups to germenate them and use hydrozime in your water because it has a female hormone and it will help your seeds germanate faster. thats what iv been doing and my germenation rate is currently at 100% after planting 20 seeds.
  3. Get a cup of water and drop the seeds in. In a day or so, they should crack open and you can plant them.

    If you want to grow outdoors, you should make it least noticable as possible. Putting a fence around it would probably cause anyone who sees it to check out your grow op, but if you leave it alone, people could walk near it and never notice it.
  4. Joint, are you sure you weren't talking about the bag method of germination? I've never heard of anyone being able to drop a seed into plain water and germinate it.

  5. Nope, just a cup of water. It works.

    There are a lot of ways to germinate seeds. Moist paper towels is another. But the quickest way I find is to just use a cup of water (clean, room temp). Some people use cups of water and add a bit of bleach. But it doesn't really matter which method you use, just whatever works for you.
  6. Really, that's awesome! I should try that sometime. I'm still kinda skeptical about it though...I'll just stick to the method of wet paper towels. Thanks for your input though, I'll give it a shot sometime.
  7. I always soak mine for 24 hours before planting, to get them started.

    It is also a screen, if they sink after this time they are viable, if they float they are probably not.
  8. its true if they sink then they have absorbed enough water to germinate. and using the cup method of germination is safer because it means less stress to the seed and root whereas in paper towels the root can stick causing stress to it which may turn it male. in saying that it doesnt put me off using the paper towel method.

    ineedit if you dont want to germinate them first then i suggest planting about 1/2 inch/1cm deep and give them a watering. they should sprout, a year old is perfectly acceptable for a seed.
  9. how far should they go in after germination?
  10. the same, about a centimetre, root facing down
  11. thanx kid.
  12. So this water germination thing, this REALLY works? Also would it do the job over night? Or are there any other techniques that will do it fast?

    Also isn't a good way to check seeds is to roll them around between your fingers and hopefully they shouldnt break apart.
  13. the less you handle germinating or germinated seeds the better so i cant imagine that being a good idea.

    the water germination DOES work and i had 5 seeds in my cup and the rest were in paper towels they were started at the same time and the seeds in the cup germinated in about 18-30 hours and the ones in the paper towels i had some that germinated just yesterday, 1 week after the first set in the cup

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