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  1. Ok so I'm attempting my second grow this year. I didn't think i would after last years discouraging results but I'm gonna simplify things this year and I'm also buying seeds instead of just using bag seed. Im getting 5 feminized kaya gold from nirvana because they described it as a tough plant which is good for me because my growing location is not practical to visit that often.

    My dilemma is that I do not have the ability to let me seeds sprout indoors due to the fact that I still live with my parents so I'm going to have to plant them directly outside and i was wondering how I can minimize shock to the plant? Last year this is how I lost one of my sprouts so I'm trying to do what I can to prevent that from happening again?

    Since my location is difficult to visit often and my schedule is pretty hectic during the summer, I'm only intending to grow 2 pots. I wanted to know if it would be alright to split the 5 seeds between the two pots and then wait a few weeks and pick the best looking plant in each plot and then pull the rest?

    Even though this is my second grow I still consider myself an absolute beginner so any advice or tips would be appreciated. Also if any of you have experience with the kaya gold strain feel free to share! :)
  2. I dont know if I would do that just because of root growth.
  3. Yeah bro those roots are gunna get all tangled together and if your trying to avoid shocking them, ripping a root clump apart isn't the way to do it. Just start them in seperate littler pots, Even SOLO party cups will do for the first 2 or 3 weeks.
  4. It's a good idea for autos or semi autos as they need less soil. You can also do several per pot (or hole) if your seeds are regular and you have to cull the males and don't want to multiply holes, pots. However, you may end up with no plants if they're all males.

    Personally, I prefer feminized seeds or clones. For fem. seeds, the rule is 1 per pot because a full sized plant will yield as much as 3 (or more) fem. plants for the same amount of soil (due to root space and food competition). The goal is for the plant to fill it all up, the more soil, the more yield. You need the right genetics (full sized, finish time ok, potency), right timing (not too late or early start), lots of sun. You want to optimize the volume of soil you got for 1 plant and let it fill it up.
  5. Okay i'll probably go with the cups. Any tips on reducing shock when transplanting to the pot?
  6. Wet the soil down good, and then just tip the whole pot over so the plants facing down and tap the bottom of the pot. The whole contents of the pot should come right out and stay together.

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