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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Stoooooner, May 7, 2006.

  1. Well I'm sorry but this will probably be a very dumb question but bear with me.

    I have many, many seeds that I've accumulated this year, some from dank and a lot from Schwag.

    Well Where I go to school, there are vast countrysides surrounding the town, some areas pretty rural.

    What I kind of want to do is germinate all my seeds and find somewhere out in the middle of nowhere near a stream or a small river (moister soil?) and plant them all before I go home for the summer. I would plant them a few yards from each other.

    Anyways, is there any possibility that these plants will grow under completely natural conditions? (Iwouldn't be there to water, ect). Well I come back mid August (seeds would be planted this week) and do you think I would see any plants?

    Conditions are usually 75 and sunny in the summer, with occasional rain or storm.

    As for flowering I don't know how this would work during this time of the year in a natural environment.
  2. unless you take precautions, very doubtful. You need to be concerned about pests (damn rabbets love young plants, as do deer) and also people. Chances are if you scatter them, they will end up on someone's property and they will get discovered and yanked..

    I do a lot of outdoor grows, try and stick to heavily forested areas...rural is bad! flat land, farmers and shit... bad bad bad

  3. Yes the animals and bugs will eat them so you would need to do something about that.then you dont want the soil ot constantly be wet but you dont want it to be dry so thats a big factor. Also people ...Is there alot of trees surrounding it? I thought about it to but i wouldnt want to plant all thoes seeds come back and have nothing.= because someoe found them,they died or animals ate them . If you want to take the chances go ahead and try it.,
    EDIT: Theres a better chance of them surviving if you check on them and water them atleast once a week.

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