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  1. Hey Guys,

    I thought I would go ahead and post some pictures of my first weed grow ever. Because I have never done this before, I am very satisfied with the outcome so far. I got started in the season really late, so the seeds were not even purchased until the last week of May, and the seedlings were moved outside the first week of June.

    So, for only being 8 weeks old, I think they are amazing. Want to know why they got so big? I mistakenly was using 2x the maximum amount of Terra-Vega (max 25ml / gal, I was using 50ml / gal) but instead of getting nitrogen toxicity they just got twice as big as they otherwise would.

    Believe me, considering how windy it is on the top of the hill they are on, their stalks are VERY thick. The neighbors weed in their backyard is supported by sticks and ties, my plants will NEVER need support no matter now big those buds get. They're just so tough and huge.

    Isn't this crazy growth for only 8 weeks? Or is this actually normal? And I didn't know you could use 2x the fert, if I use 3x, will they get 3x bigger? lol

    Apart from a mild calcium deficiency (using R/O water) which I treated right away, the plants have had no problems with pests except when I first moved the seedlings out there (the leaves were being eaten) but I sprayed moterey garden insect spray and had no problems after that, I still treat them with in 2 times a week. I hope that is not too often.

    Enjoy the pics guys and let me know your opinions and feedback, please!! I think all the wind has actually been a good thing because the stems are so epicly thick as a result.
    20170709_160353.jpg 20170723_091657.jpg 20170728_185811.jpg 20170723_091422.jpg 20170622_190635.jpg 20170709_160439.jpg 20170616_122932.jpg 20170624_202918.jpg 20170616_122947.jpg 20170616_122917.jpg 20170616_122917.jpg 20170616_122947.jpg 20170624_202918.jpg 20170616_122932.jpg 20170709_160439.jpg 20170622_190635.jpg 20170723_091422.jpg 20170723_091657.jpg 20170709_160353.jpg

    HD Pictures available, if you want to see better...
  2. Too late

    and with an excess of (N)

    but hang in there

    avoid the plastic bag next grow tho

    it may well lead to root rot

    good luck
  3. something is eating your plants , many leaves show signs of being snacked on
  4. Thanks for the feedback. What do you mean "too late"? I was told that the days would get short enough in August to trigger flowering, even if the non-autoflowering seeds were only a month old, as long as they were outside. Right? OR ARE MY PLANTS NOT GOING TO FLOWER? You have me very worried now with "too late", please explain.

    Yes, I know something WAS eating my plants, but a lot of those pictures were from a long time ago. I use Spinosad (I'm worried neem or SM-90 will screw up my soil PH) and there are no more signs of damage as far as I can tell.
  5. Somebody knowledgeable please assure me that my plants are going to flower. Should I change from Terra-Vega (2-1-3) to Terra Flora? Is all the nitrogen going to keep the from flowering? I have heard that. I am also using CaMg+ which has 1% nitrogen as well. Can I keep using that into flowering if I change from Terra-Vega to Terra-Flora, and when do I make the change?

    Thanks a lot!
  6. Lol, I was expecting mendo boy sized trees. Fail!!! Lol I'm just messing man. They look healthy. A little bug damage and drooping leaves but nothing it can't grow out of. Flower should come real soon
  7. Keep an eye out for earwigs, mini grasshoppers or possible june bugs. Looks like one of those are munching on your plant
  8. Too Late means they are falling to bud now(senescence)

    anything you wanted to do ..like move them indoors etc

    is too late, they won't recover,

    neem oil is best used as a spray on the leaves

    bugs are out now time for a preventive spray

    you have ample space for them to dry after a rain storm

    just Chill you are doing great

    good luck

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