Outdoor grow. Problems with one plant. Help!

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    20190807_070754.jpg Hey guys. My outdoor grow is just in the early stages of switching to flower and this morning I woke up and noticed an issue with one plant. First I will give you the run down

    Using advanced nutrients ph perfect( micro . Grow and bloom) with B52 and Voodoo juice when required. Feeding weekly

    All plants have been very healthy and green up until today.

    On Sunday I came home from being away for the night and my pool had sprung a leak and my plants were all sitting in some pool water on the grass. I moved all the plants and flushed them to get any pool water out. We have also had a good amount of rain yesterday.

    When I woke up this morning my tallest plant (and probably the slowest to start flowering) had leaves that looked like the attached.

    Is this phosphorus deficiency? I thought it looked a little different.

    I am going to be feeding the plants today.

    Any recommendations?


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  2. I am terrible at deficiencies. What are u growing in as far as medium? Do u feed them? Do u pH?

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  3. Growing in Pro MIx HP
    Feeding advanced nutrients PH perfect nutrients once per week
    I do not PH check
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    20190807_120259.jpg Since this morning when I noticed the problem the leaves have gotten much more brown coloured and are curling. This is the same area of the plant as the first picture.

    Any suggestions I don't want to lose my plant :(
  5. Here are a couple more pictures it seems to be on the fan leafs only and is covering a good majority of the plant 20190807_182046.jpg 20190807_182112.jpg

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