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  1. How are you doing grasscityy?!?!?
    Anyways i have been growing some plants for the time period of 2 months now and im having some problems with snails and some weird black insects. I have checked some methods for pest control and i would like good advice on pest control.. this is my baby
    you can see on the right hand side some leaves are eaten.

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    Poor a beer into a bowl, snails love the smell of it, when they come in for a drink, they get pissed, fall in and no more snails...........or you could buy some snail pellets at your local garden centre or supermarket and scatter them round....end of problem.

    The black insects, get neem oil or make your own with some olive oil or vegetable oil and mix it with your dish washing soap. Mix it vigorously until it turns whitish and then spray on the insects. The soap is the catalyst to get the oil into the insect which prevents it from shedding its skin and growing and so it dies, works for scale aphids etc....just don't use it on the upside of your leaves, the eggs etc are always underneath your leaves, and the direct sun will burn your plant, much the same as you would if you rubbed coconut oil on yourself it magnifies the sun.

    Sorry forgot to mention, you will need one of those misters or hand held sprays to spray your home made oil onto the plant.

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