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outdoor grow northeast

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by n.e crippler, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. what's up everyone. Here's the deal, i'm a first time grower in the northeast usa. I started some plants with seeds i got last year from my friends outdoor crop. we started the plants pretty early (around march 21 indoors), moved them outside in the end of may. Some are about 3 ft tall with quite a bit of branching. I looked it up and my area won't be getting 12/12 until end of august begin sep. i got awesome blossoms (a flowering solution) about a month ago and have given them mild doses of it. if i'm not getting 12/12 until end of aug am i wasting my time hitting the plants with that just yet? Any responses would be appreciated.
    NOW for my other question. I recently bought bc blueberry from bc bud depot (good look on that guys by the way!) and i was wondering if anyone else had ever grown that exact strain. just wondering what to expect and how it yielded, tasted etc. thanks for all who help out, keep growing!
  2. Well I cant help you out too much with the nute question. As far as the lighting situation goes, I don't think they really need exactly 12/12 to start. They can start around 13-13.5 I believe. 12/12 is more of a guideline for indoors, basically when artificial lighting is being controlled. 12/12 just guarantees that whatever strain you have will go into flowering even though they might do just fine with a slightly longer light period.
  3. thanks man, so it prolly couldn't hurt to keep hitting them with a mild dose of miracle grow and awesome blossoms?
  4. No it wont hurt, just dont burn them, and switch to just the flowering fert after the actual buds appear... Plants usually start flowering late july-mid august... where did u find the info on the hours per day?
  5. most outdoor plants that have been growing that long will show preflowers before the first day of 12/12.

    Funny I am in the same boat as you considering I started my babies march 21st and live in the north east. I actually have checked them for 10 days because ive been away! cant wait to see how big theyve gotten!

    hope none died......

    as for nutes, I am giving them a 12-0-0 dried blood. In july I am going to give them an organic solutions (cant remember exact name) somethin like a 4-8-6 that supposedly helps with roots and disease resistance. Then in august theyll get a flowering solution.

    the plant wants to veg right now. It will use the flowering nutes but nutes with more N would be much better
  6. think you're right, i'm gonna hit the hydro shop and get something with more nitrogen, then use about a quarter the flowering solution just so they don't completely stop getting the phos and pot. thanks for the advice, i'm looking forward to see how this goes, it's my first shot at it but i think we've done most things right. they are about 3 ft maybe a little more now, but they still got alot of growing to do. well, good luck
  7. Hey n.e., I'm also in that region growing. Hitting them with the bloom nutes early is fine, just don't over do it, you may also want to get a nute for the veg growth as well. I use foxfarm fertilizers and if you goto their site they have a fert calendar for you to use as a guideline and they suggest both veg nutes and bloom nutes simultaneously until flowering begins then up the bloom and no more veg nutes.

    Mine usually start the flowering stage in the beginning august, one easy rule of thumb that I found helpful to determine when it starts is when you get alternating nodes instead of two at the same time.

    Hope that helps a little. Keep up the good work.
  8. Does this friend ^^ live in your area? if so then your seeds will be gentically the same as his...and will start to flower at the same time his did last year. so if he got a successful harvest before the frost hit, u should be able to also. hope this helps.

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