Outdoor grow in the Puget sound

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chuey68, May 11, 2010.

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    I am clearing the middle of a black berry patch that covers the entire adjacent lot for a secret garden. I is covered with growth about 6 ft tall but no trees to block the sun. I only want to grow maybe 4 plants at most. Does anyone have insight on which strains are best suited to the North West climate? I need something mold resistant that flowers fast and doesn't get over 5 or 6 feet tall. I also tend to prefer more of an Indica buzz but I think since I can only grow a little I need to pick a hybrid with some traits of both.

    My site is about 30 yards away from buildings. Will 4 plants have such a strong odor that they will notice from that distance? I live on an island that has a constant breeze. Am I correct in assuming this will keep the odor down?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. I have time to prepare the site properly as I wont plant till next spring.

    something short, hardy and potent :)
  2. couple things to think about for you:

    buildings 30 yards away- how tall are the buildings? hypothetically if someone happened to get on the roof and happened to look in the direction of this secret garden could they see the cleard patch and plants growing? could they see you standing in the cleared patch?

    odor- different strains have different degrees of odor. i think wind could help or hurt you here...if they smell strong and theres a slight breeze blowing towards those buildings they might be able to smell them. read on here one time a guy said he could smell his plants 300ft away if he was down wind.

    as far as the strains, alot of seed bank websites will give pretty good info on the seeds. they should answer all your questions on they strains. just ordered from the attitude seed bank about a week ago, so far im pleased. havent gotten seeeds yet though.
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    The buildings are only single story and I am the landlord so nobody else should ever be on the roof. I am very curious about the odor issue though. I guess I am envisioning a outdoor, auto-flower, lowryder or semi lowryder variety
  4. Ever considered a small greenhouse? You can keep water off your plants and a good greenhouse should give you an extra few weeks if you need that time to finish flowering. I've been using one that I made out of wood and clear plastic covering. It's done a good job at keeping the smell down within. Plus, if you're a gardener, no one even thinks twice if they see in actively using a greenhouse.

    Check out [Vancouverseed.com] for some good outdoor selections.
  5. With so few plants will I have to worry about helicopters? Does anyone know the threshold that they can notice from the air?
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    Re: Outdoor grow in the Puget sound

    Hi how about lowryder, I've heard it's a cross between Indica and Mexican Ruderalis and auto-flowering. In other words, it starts to grow buds right after germination regardless of light and darkness cycles.

    This strain remains a small, squat, and discreet plant only growing between 30 to 50 cm. Sounds ideal for what you're looking for. Let me know how you get on and good luck ;-)

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