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  1. yoo dudes what if i wanted to grow outdoors... i found a pretty good spot and ill use some good soil and ferts. also, im going to start them outside in small cups then transplant them into their pots (3 gallon) which ill be putting in the ground, and this spot has very good sunlight. i would plant them within a week or so, so my questions are: would they bud earlier as this is before the normal season but its plenty warm here? or would they just grow into monsters and bud around fall like other plants? oh yea im using bagseed too... first grow dont wanna fuck up good seeds. my daylight is 13 hours and getting longer if that helps. ive looked around a lot of threads for a solid answer but i wanna make sure so help me if ya can guys
  2. man dont plant yet.
    if you live in florida you want the cold to leave first.
    i know its not that cold here but baby plants wont be able to live if there is a slight freeze.
  3. oh alright man thanks for the input... i think ill wait like u said and itll give me time to keep my eyes out for more/better spots
  4. thats the same situation im in right now i cant find a good enough spot. good luck.

    and btw mid march should be the right time to plant, pr start them now inside if you can and plant them outside once the time comes.
  5. yea i started 14 inside and they were lookin so healthy, about 3-4 inches tall each... and 2 outside in my neighbor hood lol. last time i checked i had 1 that was still alive, but as for the ones in my room i was forced to get rid of after my "roommates" found them haha... along with my bong and most of my stash
  6. ur parents?

  7. yea man that was a pretty shitty day...
  8. lol about the roomates i am going to wait till the summer and then try i'm in sofla too

  9. 5-6-AcE niqqa haha just kidding... but yea ill bet u can grow monsters down here with all the florida sun. does anybody know a rough guess on how much u can yield from a mexican brick weed seed outdoors? that is if it doesnt go hermie:eek: and i give it all the attention it needs... just an estimate
  10. oh yea and i know genetics play a big role on well just about everything... but i just wanna know if ill walk away with a half 0 or a half lb
  11. OP you are not going to get monsters out of 3 Gallon containers.

    Plant outdoors in FL mid to late April.

    No one will be able to give you an accurate estimate about the yield since there are too many factors being a variable, one of them being container size...
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    yea i figured id just have to wait and see the fruits of my labor... oh and im planting in the ground after i sex the little devils. i decided i was gonna scratch the 3 gallon pots
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    Thants all I can find to smoke too.(Besides Krip.):(

    Just grow it man. If it's your first time growing then it wont really matter how much it buds, just be happy if it does.

    And something you need to factor about planting in the ground.
    You don't want your plants going through this. IDK if you have lived here this long but, sometimes we have some nasty ones.

    If you grow in a pot when the time comes for those nasty storms you can at least bring it up near your house or something.(No one is going to go looking for pot plants if a category 4 is beating the shit out of Florida.)
  14. Use a stake and string against big storms.;)
  15. Op if you do get your grow going I have one piece of advise for you if you get a really nice harvest of some real good crip, don't post any pictures that are too revealing cuz I'll find you, lol, naw but I hope all goes well with your grow.

  16. hell yea i remember the hurricanes a few years ago, that was some shit haha. but yea first time real grow and ill be happy if i see a leaf that has more than 3 blades :rolleyes: but yea i hate smokin regs (usually only smoke kryp), except last weekend... me and my friend got an 0 on point for 65 and it was the greenest regs ive ever seen, and especially fluffy too. S. Florida has good quality bud if u look in the right places
  17. Yea I live by Daytona, but this is gunna be my first real grow too.
    Sometime I get regs that taste like krip, but last night I picked up some krip from a friend that got me blitzed in 4 hit and we smoked a 2 gram blunt between 3 heads.:smoking:

  18. Just caught that statement of yours, right now (and for another while) there is no place in or close to Florida having 13 hours of sunlight.
    Just for example in Tampa (middle of the state) the sun rised @ 7:11am and went down @ 6:17pm giving you a mere 11 hours of daylight (not sunlight).

    Your plants will need more than 12 hours of available daylight and @ least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight to reach their growth potential.

    Here is a handy calculator telling you what you need to know.


  19. holy shit man... its corto! ive read alot of your threads, along with cantharsis and oldpork. u guys really know wut ur talkin about so its nice to have u come on my thread and give me some advice so thanks! and happy smokin' :smoking:

  20. haha 305? u from miami? anyway yea ill post some bud smut if i have a successful harvest... and thanks man

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