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  1. I'm going to do my first grow this spring, just wondering if there is a good strain to go with that would thrive better in the Mid-Atlantic climate. any suggestions would be appreciated.:wave:
  2. GHs WW, early misty, Mandala 1, Early biddy, Northern lights, Ierdbei by Sannie shop, etc... All early, all powerful.

    Get at: Dr chronics, seedboutique, attitude, growhop alien, sannie shop etc...

    Finishing early reduces risk and work. Find a stealthy spot and only visit it at night. Tell no one, have 2 or 3 spots hidden way back, a water supply/source and it should work out.
  3. Madalaseeds.com
    I have had unbelievable success with 4 of their strains, only had 1 bean out of 40 not pop, and all the plants grew uniform and strong from their birth into the world.
    For the price these are the best beans you can get, and the descriptions are dead accurate.
    Really tough plants I always try to have at least 10 of their plants come harvest time they are just worth it.
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    Mandala saddhu, satori, mandala 1, hashberry all seem powerful, rather early and cheap. Their earliest strain per se is less potent though ("early something"). I already ordered other seeds but it is a good offer I think.
  5. trust me they are legitimate, to make a comparison they grew much quicker and had much larger buds than comparative Nirvana strains that I have tried out. based on my experience if you were trying to fill out an outdoor garden and didn't have a ton to spend on beans i would go mandala over Nirvana any day of the week.
  6. thanks for the info guys. is exactly what i needed
  7. That's what I figured. They do have an excellent reputation and great prices. Nirvana I don't know I saw good and bad reports. They reopened in Jan. when I had already ordered mine. I'll grow them in the future. How was the smoke?
  8. im here in baltimore i grew bag seed with good results pulled like 5oz 2 plants
  9. You should be able to yield way more than 5 oz between two plants.

    Plus it just depends on where your bud came from, if you got a seed that can only thrive in a climate more like where it came from, your fucked. It is free though, so if you wanna just try some bagseeds too, go for it. Im probably gonna throw some out there this year, but i doubt any will finish, but premature bud is still bud :p.

  10. true it was my first grow so i made a few mistakes but i got all mature budz better then sum the heads that float around time to time

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