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  1. Next season I want to do mostly in the ground, which is rock hard right now. Ivy and bamboo are not my friend. Going to till and dig some holes for my seeds next year. How big of a hole is enough or to much.
    I have a few grow bags, 4 at 15 gal and 1 at 30 gal.

    Thanks in advance on the information folks.
  2. Nor Cal growers do it in 400 gallon bags.

    This is 300 gallon in Oregon.

    Bigger is usually better. My best plant even though shaded the most is in the best hole. 3 foot ring I dug out to 3 feet deep. In ground as I have close neighbors and don't want the additional height.

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  3. I dug 20 gallon holes. I put a 5 gallon bucket of pea gravel in the bottom to help with drainage and filled the rest with the soil recipe from hear Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners. If you wanna go organic.
  4. I like to bury my fabric pot. It keeps it that much shorter (I got neighbors ) and the ground acts as natural insulator. It won’t dry out as fast. I don’t grow my plants out too big outside, I use a 7 gallon fabric pot and it takes a gallon of water every other day. I get just enough runoff with this. You might want to see how much water it takes before burying it though. I use a 7 gallon fabric for my indoor grow too so I know exactly how much water takes in my medium.

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