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  1. Hey all,I'm new here.I'm in Colorado,and growing outside in bags.It's getting cold at night so I cover them with blankets.The next few days will be 30 degrees at night,45 during the day,maybe some snow,then it's back to 60 and sunny.My plants are almost done.If they can last a few more days,they will be there.Today it's 45 and I'm keeping them covered all day.Any ideas if they will be ok?Should I go out with a hair dryer and blow some heat under the blankets?Thanks.
  2. is there enough buds to harvest
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  3. This is from yesterday

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  4. I am assuming moving them inside under proper grow lights is not possible
  5. No.I have an outdoor shed,but there isn't electricity.
  6. Can you make a plastic DIY green house and a grow light .
    Lighting during the day some kind of heat during the night .
    Green lighting will not wake up the plants and can be used as a heating system during the night
  7. Or harvest now don't let freeze
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  8. I put a roofing tarp over the blankets.It feels cold in there,but not bad.I grabbed a bud and it was a little cold,not bad.I'm gonna use a hairdryer and blow in some hot air.
  9. The tarp is tight,I filled it with hot air from a hair dryer.It's snowing now.
  10. Question. I live in Florida so it doesn't get that cold down here but I was always told that if a overnight freeze is coming to shower your plants down with water at night and to throw blankets over your plants. It's seems too work in my flower bed. Could this work for a weed plant.

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  11. Harvest now. If they freeze you'll regret trying to save that last 5%.
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  12. I kept going out last night and turning on the hair dryer inside the blankets.Brushed off the snow so it won't crush it.This am it was 23 degrees and sunny.Took off the tarp so it won't reflect the sun,opened up the top blankets to check and the buds were warm!Gonna keep it covered today since it's gonna be around 40 degrees.I'll turn on the hair dryer once in a while.Tomorrow is gonna be 60 and sunny,hope they do ok until then.
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    I live in Northern Michigan where it's not unusual to get temperatures in the low thirties at night before harvest. "I" personally haven't ever had a problem with 30-degree temperatures at night, hell this year it's been as low as 27 As long as it's warming up during the day and they're covered you should be good to go.

    Pot plants will take a few light touches of frost.VOE

    To be fair this is what I grow in now. Makes life easier due to the amount of dew during flower.

    Edit to say that I am harvesting this weekend because the temperature is dipping to the low 20s at night and not getting out of the low 40s during the day. Warm days are gone.
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  14. I feel your pain with the cold rolling in. I sadly had to chop early because of both cold weather and some nasty rain on it’s way. Next year I’m looking into what sorts of green houses I can afford. But imo it’s better to chop a little early than to risk it all for slightly more mature trichomes.
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  15. I think that since it will be 60 and sunny tomorrow,I'll wait untill the end of the day and then harvest.
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    You can manipulate when the plants start to flower and as a result when they are ready to harvest. Light them up outside on 24-0 and you can start flower as much as a month early. Instead of starting flower Aug 1st they'll start July 1st and be ready to harvest mid to late Sept.
    Shut lights off when you want flower to start.

    Did this myself this summer.

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  17. That’s a really interesting idea. Do you just light them for 24 hours and then shut it off and they pretty much immediately start to go into flower?
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  18. That's a good piece of information.
    Pretty easy for me to do seeing how I have an outside security light almost over my grow area that I have to shut off. I'm gonna do this next year for sure.

    That makes perfect sense because usually two weeks after I shut my light off my plant starts to flower, every year now that I think about it.

    I never connected the dots til now.
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  19. No. I veg under 24-0 usually 10 weeks in veg then 10 in flower. Summer plants get set out June 1st after I harvest the spring plants. 24-0 for that full month in addition to the 10 weeks of early veg stage..

    Normally at my Latitude (33) along about Aug 1st the days have shortened enough to trigger the plants and they show 2 weeks later in Mid Aug. Harvest is 10 weeks from (Flip)(short days trigger) and you harvest your Indica plants 8 weeks later Oct 1st. Your Hybrids Oct 15th and your Sativa Nov 1st or later if temps permit.

    Plants run under 24-0 will flower hard even over the flower trigger threshold of 14.5. If we turn the lights off the 3rd week of July we advance 1 week at harvest. Mid July advances 2 weeks and so on. 4 is all you can push as past that reveg kicks in and we've defeated our purpose.

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