Outdoor grow, first ever. Advice wanted!

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    Hey guys, so I finally decided I would grow about a month ago, I live in a place exactly like Florida climate so the late start wont matter to much in my case. Ok so finally to the important stuff....

    Strain: Hash Plant X Afghani

    Setup: Swampy area but with great lighting at least 8-10 hours on most days. 2 plants each doing well with no sign of deficiencies, started from clones in party cups, each were in a soil mix made by the cloner, I'm using a soil mix of 25% peat and 75% organic soil mix (store bought) and I've put in nutrients as needed . Now are both in 2 gallon pots, I've topped them once now. Also the only other thing i used was some garlic water i made for some bugs and it did the trick.

    SO, if you guys could recommend some different nutritional products for the girls that you've had luck with, any little tricks or tips GC has out there for me. Thanks.
    :wave: XiggyD

    EDIT: They are 4.5 gallon pots.
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    Sounds good. I would add a little perlite to your final mix. MJ likes loamy spungy soil. Try to find 10 gal pot or bigger the better.

    Go easy on the perlite if your in a hot area and cannot tend the plants dialy.
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    Thanks for the tip, ill be sure to try that. And as for the pots they are actually 4.5gallon, although i want around a 6 or 7 gallon, i cant let these get too big so i dont want a huge pot, whats your recommended pot size for a twice topped 3-4ft plant
  4. 10g then. 4.5 is pretty small.
  5. Thanks 5150, your a huge help to all of us here on GC.
  6. Your 4.5 will work for now though. Then move up to 10g.
  7. HELP, guys I went to check on them this afternoon and as I was watering them I noticed the leaves on one plant are starting to get a little yellowing right where the leave creases in the middle, like on the vain of the leaves its only happens to 2-3 leaves but what deficiency does this sound like? thanks for the help guys, and ill try and put up pics asap.
  8. Yeah some pics would be nice. Have you given it NPK neuts?

  9. No, I've been going organic so far using some composted cow manure for top soil and a organic miracle grow potting soil mixed with about 35% perlite. And again ill try and get pics up soon, Camera charger is no where to be found, gotta head to wally world.
  10. When you sprayed the garlic water did you spray the leafs? You said it was only at where the leave creases in the middle. Perhaps just maybe this is where the garlic settled and dried at the leaf? Why only a few leafs? Were they the bottom leafs that would collect all the drips from the other leafs.

    I have no clue if thats what happend. But could not figure out the where the leave creases in the middle part. That has me puzzled. Go back dailly and check. Take a pic for sure.
  11. I checked them again this evening, the yellowing had gone after i watered them a good amount this afternoon and put them in a little more shady area, I think it was today's heat....(today's heat index was 102), down here in the damn FL heat. So ill stick with the shadier area till the heat goes down hopefully in a day or so, normally in my area its around 80-90 degrees. But I don't think the garlic spray did it because: yellowing occurred on mid-higher leaves, and i used only a little bit over time, as I was scared it might hurt them because I've had no experience using it before. Ill try and put up some pics tommorow, thanks alot, 5150.

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