Outdoor grow fed once with veg newts

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  1. Hi this is my first ever post I got this far now I'm stuck. I put some std veg newts in but the shrivelled leaf happened before I put any newts in - growing outside - autoflower - Let me know your thoughts on my one and only girl - can see some yellow spots and something took a small bite out of a leaf

    Thanks for any advise

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  2. What strain are you growing?
  3. What's in that soil it looks like plain potting soil

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  4. Hi it's sensi skunk autoflower that picture is a week or so old - I planted it in regular potting soil (correct) . I don't have a clue what I'm doing really ..here's a picture today

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  5. Well since it flowering I wouldn't give it any more veg nutes. And start giving flowering nutes. Looks good though

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  6. At least I'm not over watering it - I haven't feed for 5 days, last night I gave her 2 litres with 2ml flower and 2ml bloom nutes, also, was thinking about getting protection around the sides but I can't think what with.
  7. autoflower that size , if it were me id give it additional light like maybe 18-6 or 20-4 to bulk up as much as they can , they do not need the 12 hours of darkness that non autos need .
  8. I'll have to buy a light then , any recommendations?
  9. Not trying to be a dick, I honestly don't know. But what's the difference between flower and bloom nutes?

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  10. Veg nutes have more N
    Flower nutes have more P and K if I'm not mistaken
  11. I knew that haha but he said bloom and flower. Not veg and bloom

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  12. Damn, I didn't even catch that lol
  13. It's a fair point the Lukester - I used a bottle that said "bloom" and a bottle that said "flower" . The flower one had NPK higher than the bloom . But I thought I'd give her both- I would love to know what's the difference in the two apart from NPK values .
  14. Are they the same brand? If they're different it could just be a different way to say the same thing

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  15. I always thought Bloom and flower were interchaneable
  16. They are same brand I'll send a pic when I'm home
  17. Better late than never

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  18. This is today's progress something had had a bite out the centre of a few leaves not sure what to spray it with , any ideas? I'm uk based .

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