Outdoor grow experiment, what location do you think will produce better plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, May 25, 2003.

  1. So I put 10 germed seeds out today in roughly the same location (5 each). Heres what I got; what I did.

    10 seeds, from same plant (widow), all germed with 3-5mm worth of root. Each location sprinkles lightly with 12-12-12.

    Location 1

    Wide open prarie, nothing but 100% sunlight all the time. I had to bust through a good 4"+ of straight up sod from the grass roots. 12"x12" area worked up, sod shaken roots removed, 12-12-12 added. Good dark soil.

    Location 2

    About 40 yards from the edge of a woodlot that is very moist, lots of swamp sort of plants growing in there. Plants are on a higher mound of soil surrounded by those little willow sort of trees that grow in moist areas. Mound is elevated, nice dry soil, area worked and seeds planted same as the other location. Plants should still get a lot of sunlight but they do have the little 3' willows growing 4'-5' from them that make great camo.

    So what ones do you guys think will actually(if any) grow faster? The super sun spot or the little more humid spot?

    I guess this will be a good little learning venture for me.

    Im thinking as long as the summer isn't too dry the super sun spot will do better.
  2. duh one u should know that

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