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  1. how much longer should i wait...i'll try and get some close up pics of trich's.
    the 1st 2 pics the plant is 7.5 weeks into flowering and the trichs are 50/50.should i cut this one or wait a few more days?
    the 3rd pic the plant is 7 weeks and the trich's are about 70/30...i plan to harvest this one 2nd week of oct.

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  2. I'd wait about 2 more weeks and pull the last one. the others could come down, or 1 more week. I perfer waiting for complete ripeness. Ur flushing now?
  3. yes i'm flushing those 2 at the moment.I'm still using 1tsp molasses every other watering for flush.does that slow down flushing or is it ok to use still?should i cut off the molasses and just use pure water?
  4. I don't think using the molasses will slow down your flush, but im not 100% sure... I'd watch the leaf color. Plants that are properly flushed will begin to yellow from the bottom water leaves up. (plant pulling reserve nutrients from leaves). When I harvest, nearly all older leaves will not be green, and a lot of them will have gradually died off. no nutrients means smooth tastiness. yum
  5. awesome,then i guess its working.the fan leaves are yellowing from the bottoms of each main bud and working its way up.
  6. AHHHHHHHHHHH.........someone found one of my plants and clipped my tops.7 of em to be exact

    luckily my other 3 are in pots and i bring those in over night,and are almost ready.

    this is all i'm left with from the clipped one...about 13 grams wet.

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  7. damn so many people are getting ripped this year, i'm getting scared....
  8. yea...i don't know what compels people to ruin someones hard work.i hope karma balances the scales with my other plants somehow.
  9. Very sorry to hear... I'd kill

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