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  1. So my plants have been growing great since I put them in the green house but recently on my biggest plant it started to have discolored leaves on the lowest node and also starting to spread from the center of the leaves on the 2nd node. Please help me figure out what this is. That would be amazing thanks :) 1500075193026842434492.jpg 1500075205390-1785148322.jpg 1500075216316-310468895.jpg
  2. looks like the beginning of magnesium deficiency. what's the runoff ph? and what's it been eating? below is where your headed .. if you don't fix it now. [​IMG]

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  3. Honestly I havent fed it anything I put the plants in happy frog soil, and I water them with nothing but filtered ph=7 water. And honestly I dont know the run off ph or how to get it
  4. that's the problem then .magnesium deficiency due to lack of feeding ..you should have a ph pen or equivalent to read ph ..it's supposed to be 6.5 to 7.2 in soil ...so despite not having one you've been getting lucky...landing at 7.0
    the runoff ph is obtained by testing the water that comes out the bottom of the pot during watering ...the plant is Big enough to transplant. It has eaten all the available nutrients happy frog has initially and now will begin stealing nutrients from older leaves and throwing them to the new growth at the top .which is probably still green. So, transplant to a bigger pot...and begin feeding 1/4 strength nutrients...until you are sure it's back on track and new growth is nice aand green. THEN you can begin feeding normally..up to 1.5 ec in Veg. good luck and keep us posted.


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  5. the leaves affected generally don't recover ..so just worry about the new growrh ...but do transplant ASAP...

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  6. Please explain to me what 1/4 nute is and also what is ec in veg
  7. Up pot asap, 1/4 nute is to only use one quater strength of the nutrients you have i.e. bottle says use 1 teaspoon per gallon you use 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water
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  8. I ALWAYS had mag def when using happy frog products...
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  9. So what soil would you recomend and still what is ec?
  10. That's kinda sad happy frog is so shitty you have a deficiency at only 1 foot of growth. These guys advice above isn't wrong at all but mine would be different. You don't need a pH pen, ec/ppm meter and all that other stuff in my opinion. You just need to transplant to a better soil in a bigger pot and top dress with a well rounded organic fertilizer. Simplicity is best. It will work itself out. You could also add a tablespoon of molasses per gallon of water when you water to help it out.
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  11. Honestly I love minimalization so this works for me, what soil would you recommend?
  12. Also could you tell me a brand or even a recipe for an all orgainic fertilizer
  13. I always mix my own so I can't recommend anything based on my own experiences. If I was going to buy something, it'd probably be promix and I'd add my own amendments. It may suit you better to use the search function on this one buddy.
  14. I'm the most simplistic grower I've seen on here. A lot of the organic growers use there own home worm castings and bags of kelp and stuff and guano etc....I use things like Dr earth which has a lot of diversity in it's ingredients already all in one package.
  15. Oh alright well thanks for all the help I just made the molasis gallon of water and I will be using it now. :)
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  16. No problem man
  17. A
    Actually one more thing if my plant is in a 1 gallon pot right now what size should come next?
  18. Well for my outdoor grows I always go from one gallon to their final resting place, which is a huge hole in the ground. I have no idea where you're located and how much longer your plants will be able to veg or start to flower. Where I'm at my plants start flowering in August. So if you're the same, I'd say a plant that size could finish fine in a ten gallon container. But usually rule of thumb is nothing smaller than a twenty gallon outdoors, unless it's an auto flower.
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  19. Lilclown depends on how big you want your girls to get. By the look of your space I would think 10 gallons. For a nutrient recommendation I love Roots organic from Aurora. I use the dry stuff and top dress my soil with it and water in, it is a slower release this way or you can always mix it with your water first. I use their foundation, grow, bloom, cal/mag and other products and have been very happy. In the end it's down to personal preference/availability, they all do much the same, just some better than others.
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  20. Well if I am being completely honest I have no idea what the strains are I only know which strains I own but not specifically which plant is which. So I have no idea if they auto flower, ground planting is out of question the land here is shit, i'm inland a bit from la jolla coast. It's my first time grow so not too big but also not too small. So I think 10 gallons will be perfect for me :)
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