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  1. Well, I havent been here for awhile, so I'm starting a new grow journal for this season. This year I have 8 plants in the greenhouse and they are looking like super healthy strains.
    I got 4 Grandaddy Purps, 2 sour diesel, 1 cherry Ak, and 1 gorilla glue.

    I didn't get them in the ground until mid June this year, when us ually I plant on Mother's Day. They took off like crazy.

    Topped all of them several times. Anyway, here's some pics of what I got. I'm super busy this summer so I may not have as many updates as I did last season.
    20170705_161037.jpg 20170707_180032.jpg 20170708_144246.jpg 20170708_144213.jpg
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  2. awesome genetics, and a great looking greenhouse setup. Good luck with the season, I'll definitely be following along to see how it goes.
  3. Looking very nice indeed..happy growing :passing-joint:

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