Outdoor gardener needs some indoor help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rideredhondaex, Jun 6, 2009.

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    This year will be my third year of outdoor gardening, however after dealing with many issues such as late frosts (Which we had three of this year in NY) which fucked everything up :mad: and bugs, im thinking about going indoor. Also, the new york grow seasons sucks in all honesty. I had a 9 foot blueberry plant two years ago and only got two ounces. All natural. What a shame

    My first grow i planned to keep simple, becuase after reading for the past few years I have found that they are two totally different processes.

    My goal is to yield a pound minium every three months.

    As far as my budget is concerned, I have 1000-1500 to work with. I would like to do a soil grow at first, but plan on moving to hydroponics after two or three grows as money will be much more pletifull after the first few harvests;).

    In order to get these yields what lights should I get. Keep in mind grow space is not limited. I have a guest house I can use but I would like to keep modifications to a minimum because it will be a guest house one day, not a grow house with holes everywhere lol.

    Also, i do not need to grow the "best" bud. My area is flooded with middies so anythign without seeds people consider the best (idiots!).

    My goal is the following:

    Yield at least a pound...preferably two...every three months

    Also, I would like an easy to use Hydroponics system that i wont have to tend to every single day. Maybe 2-3 times a week. I also dont want to grow more than 15-20 plants at a time.

    Other than the basics such as timers, air conditioners, nutes, PH testers, etc.

    What do you suggest for Light? I was thinking 1 each 600w HPS/MH with CFLS as secondary lighting. Or is this not suffcient enough?

    2. Obviously Im going to need come ventilation and this is probably the most difficult part for me to understand and help is needed here (Im an ouotdoor grower, wind does the trick)

    3. Anything i should expect in this hydro system becuase it doesnt seem easy at all lol

    4. Some of the hydro systems I have seen just seem wayyy to compact for marijuana plants, some of the bucket systems seem better but i have no knowledge on the subject

    5. I also have read about minerals and such clogging up misters and drippers and when reading how to fix it i find myself scratchign my head saying wtf? I hope its easier when you actually have the system in front of you!:p

    Thanks guys!

    I assume theres lots of information I left out, so any help would be appreciated.

    My main goal is to get your suggestion on what lights and what hydro system to use to yield at least a pound every 3 months. Thanks again GC community.

    Oh also, Im gonna have to get into cloning. Another thing to keep in mind. I want things to be simple. I have a job and a family so I cannot be doing this all the time. Im willing to sacrifice yield for simplicity. So an easy cloning and hydroponics system is preferred.

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