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  1. Hey GC . I'm not new to the site I just forgot my password so I had to make a new account.. Been smoking that can't find my keys weed lol...

    So I have a plant and idk specifically what exact strain it is because it's bag seed from some real designer stuff and I know it's from g13 labs... It's roughly 5 ft tall ... 3 feet diameter and bushy as anything... It's really thriving . It already has 1gram buds growing outta roughly 40nodes ...

    I need to know when is the right time to harvest in new England. All the pistils are still white so I know it's not ready yet. But it's getting chilly and I want to know how late I can put off harvesting. If anyone has any advice to a relative newb please drop a line ... Thanks
  2. Look for a mid-October harvest or later and hope for no or light frosts. Good luck.
  3. I also live in new england.CT. Its gonna be cutting close this year witht he frost i think because like you said its getting cold already.But mid to late October will probably be the norm depending on what strain you have going.Good luck brother!:wave:
  4. Pistils aren't the best indicator for readiness anyway........look at the trichomes.....here's a guide to help...Peak Harvest. Get a mini microscope from Radio Shack to view them clearly.

    You can get an idea when to expect first frost from an almanac.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I think I have a sativa dominant so I'm just hoping it'll peak by mid October. That link was informative thanks.

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