Outdoor forced flowering question? 2 month old plants

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  1. Hi, do to many things going wrong in what I had planned this year, I plan to Bonsai 3 plants I have, they are ranging from 1 month to 2 months old, have a few branches and are healthy. I had a place for them before but now all i have is a small garden, So id like to force flower them.... this is the only option I have, and im pretty good with growing. So I see this being possible, but from what ive read People put a bucket or bag over with some sort of ventilation, and leave it on all night? I figured I could put a bucket with no Ventilation(or maybe some ventilation, this does not matter to me)on top of the plants for only 3 extra hours after dinner, and take them off when its pitch dark? I see no reason why this would not work , and why anyone would leave a bag on there plants all night when its dark alll night. So i will be getting 12/12 but only 3 hours of that darkness is from my cover because naturally its almost 15/10 outside. Anyways thanks again guys, this is my only option and any input is very much appreciated!
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    After extensive searching all i see is people covering their plants for full 12 hours... my main question is cant i just cover it for 3-4 hours at dusk or dawn, and uncover it for the other 9 "Natural" dark hours "Outdoors" for a 12/12? I was even thinking cover it for 2 hours before sunset at 7 pm, remove bucket at 9pm, and sunrise is at 6:20 am, this would be similar to outdoor Flowering hours, because plants usualy start flowering 2nd week in august around here and thats is 14-14.5 hours of light a day for those 2 weeks.
  3. I dont see how this would be a problem, just make sure there is no other artificial light around after dark keeping them out of flower. Also what is your problem with leaving it on all night, just wondering.
  4. Well the main concern people seem to have is ventilation, so if I have bucket on for just 2-3 hours then take it off, it wont be stressed from lack of air. And this way I only have to be on watch(taking bucket or bag off) for 2-3 hours, as apposed to putting it on at 7pm, and taking it off at 7am.

    I know leaving a bucket on top with little to no ventilation for a few hours is fine, I have had to turn my fan off in a growroom before for hours, it got hot, but plants were fine.

    And if I were to leave it on for 12 hours, to make it Light tight, and have ventilation, would kinda take a little work, and it would kinda stand out in the garden.....
  5. Anyone else's opinion on this? Im gunna give it a go anyways, but anyone with past experience would be helpful.
  6. I'm a noob to growing and I am experimenting some things for my self some Guy on her had a post about plants not growing when its dark but they make Co2 and when light hits the plant it can use the co2 to grow so from hearing what he wrote I don't thank it will hurt your plants for them to be covered for 12 hours let alone 4 hrs.... I just thank it would do what u said and start to flower. Plus plants are the reason we have fresh air Can an experienced grower confirm this statement because I want some facts on that to.
  7. Just had to show u some pic of my practice plants bag seeds..... and a little smoke granddady kush yes sir.

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  8. Thanks for the input yaboy614, and nice pics man, that kush looks good 2 :D

    Thats what all my plants are, I have 3 different types of kush, 2 are bagseed kush, and 1 is purple kush :D Its funny your plants kinda look like mine, just a little younger I guess.

    Any more Input is much appreciate, Thanks Everyone
  9. How did u get bag seed kush.... that must have been mids I never got seeds in my kush haze or dro. But whatever u growing its good because itz weed it all smoke any weed is better than no weed..
  10. I get seeds on occasion... and I buy from dispensaries. All it takes is a ruptured pollen sack to brush up against a bud while pulling the male and u will get a few seeds there. Pretty rare tho because most places do primarily clones, but every once in a while u will get lucky and when u do u will ussually find two or three
  11. Ok so that explains it. Hey tell me this if u get some bag seeds and grow it with no male around will it still grow like mid and smoke the same or will it be stronger and why does all mids have seeds do people just throw seeds in the ground an let them grow with males and don't care...
  12. Ya... real seedy brick weed is ussually grow in massive feilds with little or no care. Ur good top shelf is grown ussually indoor from clones.... so no worry of males. But they can go hermie and u will get seeds too. Lots of variables.... but just cuz u find a seed or two don't make it mids n my opinion. Just means I got some good seeds thrown in with my 8th lol
  13. I used garbage cans "new ones" and tried to be punctual with the timing but I missed it by like 2 hours from 12 a couple of times. They turned out great. For the last two weeks of the flowering, I just didn't cover them because it was on a 14-10 schedule naturally so I just let it go and I got nice big fat buds to smoke. By the way I uncovered them at night. No reasons to have my girls cramped all night. That was it and it was bagseed. Everyone said I had to be soooo punctual on the cover time but I wasn't and they were fine.
  14. How did i know people would get confused about Bagseed Kush when i used it. The only weed anyone around here buys is Kush, mostly Purple Kush, OG Kush, Hindu Kush, and so on...... There is obviously other good strains, but they dont smell like skunk and get you as high, so no one around wants anything but kush, even if im like i got ak-47. or any good strain you can think of that isnt kush people are like "Is it kush? NO? ok half price?, and I really would rather wait on KUSH"..... Anyways those 2 seeds were pulled out of two different KILLER KUSH buds. They were both found in a huge bag of it, only 1 seed per bag, so they clearly tried not create seeds because i only found 1 per bag.

    Anyways back ot the outdoor force flower.... ANYMORE INPUT?
  15. Sorry just noticed your post Manifess. So your saying you covered them for few hours till it was naturally dark(so this made 12 hours of darkness), to imitate the 12/12 flower cycle? Cause thats my main concern i didnt want to leave bucket on for 12 hours... like 3 hours under bucket then 9 hours of moonlight darkness is fine for them?

  16. i want to know this too.. because i would see no different results compared to an indoor grow. As long as its possible to just cover them for a couple hours and not the whole night
  17. I did this last year and I'm going to do it to one plant this year to tide me over till harvest,, as long as you do the 12/12 to force the bloom, thats all it takes, it doesn't matter if the dark is from a bucket, box, or the night,, a few hours in a bucket won't hurt, nor will all night. My problem was getting up to uncover them, so I uncovered them before going to bed.

    Although, I had a problem with moths on full moon nights, so on those few nights I left them covered, don't know if you have a caterpiller problem where you are, just a heads up

    good growing to you
  18. If the sun is still out and hits the buckets it's pretty likely to cook your plants. Also mold is a big risk, even being covered up just for a few hours. But it can and has been done. I have done a couple crops by bringing my plants in to a dark toolshed at night and back out in the day. That requires plants to be in contained though. I forget if you said whether yours are or not.

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