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  1. Its week 6 know into flowering and im having trouble with one of my rascal og autoflower. Its veg stage didnt last that long outdoors which is typical and as soon as it started spittin out white hairs i made the switch to bud nutrients (fox farm trio). I also clipped off most of the fan leaves (defoliation) just to give more light to other areas (my bad). I also had a couple lights leaks but i fixed them(jesus). This is where my issues starts its 6 weeks into flower and im using tiger bloom and the catalyst that goes with it it budded for the first 3 weeks like avergage speed any plant should but know every morning i wake up it looks as if the plant isnt growing anymore bud like the bud is there but stringy and there isnt enough packed together to even call it a bud were 6 weeks in and it wont pack on size i feed everyother day @ 12/12. Recently i noticed that they were single bladed leaves almost the size of my finger but its not a sighn of reveg cause u can tell its not reveging so for know ive gone back to big grow for veg and tiger bloom at a happy medium and still 1212 outdoors ill kepp rockin em and post pics later any advice would help the buds are the size of my finger nail i need a good yield off this plant PLEASE HELP
  2. Theres also some nutrient burn because ive been trying to force bud out of this mfer
  3. avoid ripping of them leaves

    avoid over feeding

    rare for you to get an auto to reveg

    good luck
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  6. About 4 weeks from seed but is strain dependent
  7. post a pic is best
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  8. Not enough light. With autos you can go like 18 hrs or so, i am not an expert, so hopefully someone in the know will chime in.

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