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  1. How are these coming along do you think? Theyre in week 9/10. Auto durban poison.. one got pretty badly chewed up, the other seems pretty good.
    Grown outdoor in UK planted early May.
    I'm thinking of moving them inside now to finish them off, anybody have any idea how long I should have to wait, and is this a good idea?
    Attached a few pics of both plants. The first 2 pics are the healthy/non chewed one, followed by the chewed one late in the evening, followed by healthy one late in evening.

  2. pics here

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  3. Your plants are very small to be that old. That tells me they're not getting optimal light. To get the most growth and production out of a plant, LIGHT is the element you absolutely have to have. Your plants need to be located in a place where they get as many hours of direct sunlight each day possible. More light....better bigger plant. Growing outside comes with it's own specific set of challenges, but there is no way you can bring those plants inside right now and get the production out of them you'll get by finishing them in the sun. Too many new growers get the idea that nutrients are the thing that produces a big plant and nice harvest and that's just not true. LIGHT grows a plant...nutes only feed a plant. You can pour chemicals in your plant all day long and unless it's getting the light it needs to produce, it's not going to help much....just fry it. You need to find some general garden dust (for garden pests). In the states, it's known as "Seven" dust or just general basic gardening dust. Sprinkling it on your plants will keep 90% of the bugs off or away from your plants....and likely rabbits, etc., too. Moths like to chew on the leaves as well. But as long as I kept the dust sprinkled on the plants, we had no pest attacks. In the summer and when your plants have started to resin-up, it acts like a magnet to bugs. The butterflies will lay larvae on your buds which will hatch out as caterpillars and they can munch a plant down in a hurry. The dust kills those. You can just rinse your plant off when you harvest it and there are no damaging effects from using it either...healthwise. Next time, make sure the soil mix you use is very light and arid and has superior drainage. MJ plants don't like their roots sitting in wet soil all the time and lots of times, wet soil makes a wonderful environment for things like spider mites, etc. Always let your plant dry out between watering/feeding episodes when you can....considering rain is out of your control. But the biggest thing is fighting off the bugs while your plant is flowering. It's nowhere near ready to pull...needs many more weeks judging by what I see in the pics. But sun is going to be the key to changing the direction your plant is going. Get it off the ground and into as much direct sun daily as you can manage. Being on the ground makes it easier for bugs to get into your soil through drain holes. If your plant has been in that same soil for many weeks, it's probably hungry too. But be careful with nutes. It's easy to overdo them and burn your plant.

    Use the "Search Bar" at the top of the "forums" page here on the forum to pull up posts concerning different topics you might need to learn about. YouTube is also a wonderful resource for new growers. But the more you know about the plant and how you grow it, the better your outcome will be. I would suggest tossing the "auto" strains and sticking with regular old photo strains of seeds. You can easily harvest pounds from a plant that has been growing the entire season and makes it to the end than you'll get off the autos. The grower should be in control of the plant....not the other way around. I want to get as much weight from each plant as possible and the genetics of a plant deciding when to veg and when to flower takes the grower out of the picture totally. Best of luck to you. Hope some of this helps. TWW
  4. Thank you for your reply!
    I have some sativa photos in the seedling stage at the minute.. it's not too late in the year to put them out, right?
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  5. Depending on where you live and how long the days are...+12 hours of daylight required for outside...

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