Outdoor ferts- experienced growers help please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dre2005, May 13, 2006.

  1. i'm currently entering the flowering phase on the third crop i've ever done... i used alaska fish fert for the veg and just today administered a dosage of indonesian bat guano for the flowering... my question is this, i live in fla, and grow oudoors, obviously, and the previous crops never got very dense at all. this is the first time i've used any flowering fert, and was wondering if that will solve the problem of fluffy buds... the plants are getting intense sunlight for extended periods of time... another question, i also purchased some alaska morbloom 0-10-10, and was wonderng if its a good idea to mix with the indonesian guano .2-12-.5 for the flowering phase? please reply only if you're an experienced grower, preferably in the southeast US(knows the weather around here)
  2. the plants are already flowering during summer? that's strange... can't help much with the ferts, but using the bloom fert you got start off diluting it to about 1/4 or 1/2 of what it recommends
  3. Dillute like about half way or less than half and water and see what happens.​
  4. im in fla, and there's alot of sunshine... we grow year round here... is it a good idea to mix the guano with the morbloom or is it not good to mess with multiple ferts?
  5. You want a good fert?? Read my thread in Outdoor Growing on making your own. I don´t need to live in the land of the not so free to tell you it is superb stuff.
  6. the not so free? China is the not so free, Singapore is the not so free, america, we're partially free... joke

  7. Free to grow??
  8. not really, but when in my situation,-excessive land, then you dont have to worry about it... Spain uh, i just read a special on spanish bud in my latest high times... it was also taking about a place called Ibiza? whats up with that
  9. ibiza is the mecca of clubbers, its the biggest clubbing resort in europe if not the world
  10. I heard that in Spain it is pretty much leagla to grow there because of the privacy policy or somthing, is that right?
  11. the dudes accross the water dont know nuthin about no reefer.....lol:wave:
  12. MJ is a tropical plant. Semi-Arctic places like Canada just grow crap, certainly outdoors.
  13. ibiza is the mecca for clubbers and amsterdam is the mecca for smokers which (just in case you dont know) is across the water. also, being across the water we have more relaxed laws:D
  14. Basically yes. You can have any amount of MJ in your house. It is your private dwelling, and your business. The greatest freedom of all is the freedom to be let alone.

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