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outdoor feeding schedule?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by potblower, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. never grown outdoo b4 so was wondering how do i know when to start using the flowering nutrients (im using blue mountain organics flower power 1-8-7),

    imma gonna plant a 2 week old plant so its already about 6 inches tall w/ a couple of good sized leaves, i got ffof in a 30x30 inches hole, anyone have exp. growing in this size hole? but for the entire season they should be good w/ just plain water during the veg right since the soil is already loaded w/ stuff, if not, i got this worm casting and bat guuno that i got make for a tea during veg thanks for any/all input :smoke:
  2. u start the flowering nutrients AFTER you start to see the plant is starting to flower. if you see pre-flowers, im not sure but to be safe i would still wait until you see at least 4 or 6 pistils in each spot.
    and i think you can go with water only during the veg with ffof. I never used it but thats what it seems like.
    some people have said that that kind of soil has alot of nutrients for young plants so i would make sure it has a few good sets of leaves and then transplant

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