Outdoor DWC Ph levels

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  1. Since light isn't supposed to touch the water, when checking Ph levels should I move my bucket inside to a not so lit area to check and adjust levels, then back outside? Or is a few minutes of light not gonna affect it much? I don't want an algae problem

    Since I'm gonna be doing this outside my main concerns are temperature and light. I want to start with 2 plants, one each in a 5 gal black bucket, each with their own pump and stone. All comments and tips are welcome.
  2. your going to want to cover any surface that light touches with HVAC foil tape... ducting tape.. its about 18 bucks a roll from home depot or lowes...

    a few minutes exposed to light wont matter.. but anything longer than ten minutes or so you should find some sort of temporary cover

    good luck... don't know if ive ever seen a outdoor hydro grow... other than a ebb and flow system and even then the giant res was covered with a giant box

    hope you start a journal
  3. thanks! I've seen a few videos and pics of outside one's, not that many but enough for me to want to try it lol.

    I think I will get some of that foil tape, I've seen it recommended a lot. I think I might bury some of the bucket in the ground to keep it from getting too hot.

    As soon as I'm ready, I'm gonna do a journal...I know i'll need input once I get started lol.
  4. great idea man, burying the buckets...

    if you used a bucket inside of a bucket style hydro grow you could easily lift and move the plants and it would also help to clean your system


    this is a bucket and net pot from a cap ebb and flow system... you should look into... easy to install, clean and move plants

    their about 500 or so for a full eight or twelve bucket system with a 50 gallon res... lemme see if i can find one on the cheap
  5. THANKS!! good call on the ebb system. I'm going to research that more cause I've only been looking into the DWC system. I can work with the 369 one but the 500 was a little steep lol, I wouldn't even mind trying a DIY, but I'm going to search around and see what's best.

    Your help would be Greatly appreciated!
  6. The Coco method kinda sounds intriguing, any thoughts on that?

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